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Bungie Fixed Wish-Ender, And Guardians Broke It Again


You read that right! Bungie managed to fix Wish-Ender and make it much less of a broken weapon, even though the broken part of it really helped Guardians out for about a year there. However, three days later and you’ve already come together to somehow break this weapon even more.

Wish-Ender is an Exotic Bow in Destiny 2. Up until Hotfix it was possible to use it to see through walls and deal an insane amount of bonus damage, both when an arrow went into a foe, and when it came out of them. The intrinsic perk was bugged and actually dealt four times as much damage as it was meant to, but this bug is no longer.

However, it’s been three days. That means that it’s been enough time for you Guardians to figure out how to break Wish-Ender yet again, and you’ve done so. Now, instead of dealing four times the damage it’s meant to, Wish-Ender deals twelve times the damage it should do, but only under certain circumstances.

The circumstance for this amazing shot requires Guardians to position themselves behind a pillar, or a non-player penetrable object. When they fire, Wish-Ender will penetrate the surface of the object in front of them, and deal twelve times the damage it should do to any enemies it managed to hit.

There are some Emotes in Destiny 2 that spawn holographic items into the world, such as the Festival of the Lost Tombstone. These holographics can count as non-player penetrable objects, and those are what you’re looking for.

The Emote Wish-Ender Build

Of course this is absolutely mental, no one is going to make a build around this Wish-Ender bug, or are they? To be honest nothing would surprise me from the community at this point. I can definitely see Guardians putting together a group of Emotes that spawn holographics and trying to conquer the Crucible with Wish-Ender’s bug. I wish those of you who will try this luck, because it’s a lot of effort, and I admire that.

Let us know what you think about the new Wish-Ender bug, and whether or not Bungie should have just switched it to use Special Ammo instead of what they’ve done, in the comments.

Image Source: YouTube, RockPaperShotgun


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