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Is Trinity Ghoul The Best Exotic Bow?


Trinity Ghoul is an Exotic Bow that was added to Destiny 2 with the Forsaken expansion. There are only three Exotic Bows in the game, Trinity Ghoul, Le Monarque, and Wish-Ender, but which one is the best? We’re here to check out the first one and decide if Trinity Ghoul is the best Exotic Bow in Destiny 2.

Trinity Ghoul

The stats on Trinity Ghoul are;

  • Impact – 80
  • Accuracy – 96
  • Stability – 50
  • Draw Time – 840
  • Reload Speed – 55
  • Inventory Size – 64
  • Handling – 58

The Hidden stats on Trinity Ghoul are;

  • Zoom – 18
  • Charge Time – 40
  • Aim Assistance – 74
  • Recoil Direction – 77

These stats are already high enough to make Trinity Ghoul a brilliant Bow, but it’s the perks that bring it up to the level of Exotic. The perks on Trinity Ghoul, according to Destiny 2 DB, are;

  • Exotic perk – Split Electron: This perk makes Trinity Ghoul fire an arrow that splits when released. The spread is decreased by both aiming down sights and fully drawing the shot.
  • High Tension String – This perk greatly increases Accuracy, causes a slightly slower draw time, and slightly decreases Stability.
  • Compact Arrow Shaft – This perk increases the size of your quiver, allowing for more arrows in reserve.
  • Lightning Rod – This perk makes the shot after a precision kill generate chain lightning.
  • Trackers – These are the usual tracker perks for no tracking, Crucible kills, and enemy kills.

What about the competition?

Trinity Ghoul is unique in that it allows you to shoot off an incredibly powerful shot, that will damage a number of enemies, after nailing a precision kill. I’ve used it a lot in both PVE and PVP and can confirm that it’s really useful, and pretty easy to activate.

Wish-Ender’s Exotic perk allows you to track enemies behind walls while aiming. This is impressive, but doesn’t actually help you if there are a group of enemies on the way, since Bows take a while to draw. It’s actually quite a difficult Bow to get, but we’ve got a guide here if you need one.

Le Monarque, the final Exotic Bow, allows you to poison enemies by firing arrows quickly after a full draw. This poison can spread among enemies, causing damage on a wider scale that you’d see from using one single arrow.


What I can definitely say is that Wish-Ender isn’t better than Trinity Ghoul, but Le Monarque is on almost the same level. However, I think we have to admit that Le Monaruqe is slightly better, basically because it can deal damage to multiple enemies and ultimately make it easier to take larger groups down.

Maybe you feel differently about the Exotic Bows in Destiny 2. Let us know which one you think is the best and why in the comments.

Image Source: Destiny 2 DB


  1. The thing I feel that sets TG 1 step ahead is that Lightning Rod will stay active even after swapping weapons. This giving the right user an easy panic shot. Even hitting the floor with TG will supply you with a series of kills.


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