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4 New Shadowkeep Exotics Spotted At PAX West


Over at PAX West four brand new Exotic items were spotted and spanned by avid Guardians, as was so helpfully pointed out recently by MP1ST. We’re going to list out those Exotics and everything we have on them right here for you, so you know all about the latest Shadowkeep gear.

Stormdancer’s Brace – Exotic Warlock Chest Armour

Stormdancer’s Brace is the only Exotic Armour we’ve seen come out of PAX West so far. This piece looks to be some sort of modified astronaut suit, as you’d expect from an expansion focused on the Moon, but it also has a hint of Arc energy about it. The Exotic perk on this piece was called Ascending Amplitude, and it increases the damage you deal with Stormtrance for each enemy you kill with Stormtrance. I really like the idea of this because it adds to the concept of ultimate power, and Emperor Palpatine, that Warlocks channel.

Divinity – Exotic Trace Rifle

Divinity will be joining the ranks of Trace Rifles in Destiny 2, of which there are very few, just Wavesplitter, Coldheart, and Prometheus Lens. Divinity is part of the Black Garden raid collection, meaning it’ll probably only drop from the Black Garden raid, or Black Garden specific activity. The Exotic perk, Judgement, envelops targets in a field that weakens and disrupts them the longer the beam is hitting them. This is very similar to all Trace Rifles, but it sounds like it’ll make Guardians easier to land critical damage on.

Deathbringer – Exotic Rocket Launcher

Deathbringer is the Exotic Rocket Launcher we’ve all been waiting for. The Exotic perk, Dark Deliverance, makes it fire remotely detonated projectiles that will drop Void orbs on enemies. Basically you hold trigger to fire, and let it go to detonate them. The Destiny universe has only ever known homing rockets as the best way to hit a target, but with Deathbringer I think we’re going to see a brand new meta in the Crucible.

Unnamed Exotic Machine Gun

While we have no name for the new Exotic Machine Gun, we do know what the Exotic perk will do. Pyrotoxin Rounds make the Machine Gun fire high-powered explosive ammunition. At a guess I’d say this creates an effect similar to the Firefly perk, causing an explosion on the enemy, except this time it’s for every hit instead of precision kills.

Our Take

All of these new Exotics sound wonderful, and they feel like they’re part of a brand new game. The Destiny 2 we remember from last year would never introduce a homing rocket launcher, but here we see one. I think with the big changes that are coming to seasons with Destiny 2 year 3, Bungie is taking the step to introduce content like tis, because they know it’ll be outdone in the next season.

Let us know your thoughts on these four new Exotics in the comments.


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