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Is Prometheus Lens The Best Exotic Trace Rifle?


When it comes to Trace Rifles there really aren’t too many to choose from. Prometheus Lens is one of those Trace rifles and it fires what is basically a red hot laser at enemies, burning through them and causing additional damage. But what sets this weapon apart from all the others in Destiny 2? Let’s have a look at the stats.

The weapon fires 1000 Rounds Per Minute, has an Impact of 6, Range of 64, Stability of 50, Magazine of 100, Reload Speed of 46, and Handling of 42. The hidden stats are a Zoom of 16, Inventory Size of 100, Aim Assistance of 100, and Recoil Direction of 90.

These stats are pretty average, nothing that stands out here really apart from the Rounds Per Minute, which is obviously because this is a laser, and the large Magazine. The perks really do bring it up a bit though, let’s see what they are.

The exotic perk, Prismatic Perk, makes the weapon fire a solar beam that generates a growing heat field. That heat field grows as you hold down the trigger and causes damage over time. This is a decent perk as it protects you by causing damage around you as well as causing continuous damage to your enemies.

The rest of the perks are; Chambered Compensator, which increases Stability, moderately controls recoil, and slightly decreases Handling Speed. Projection Fuse, which increases Range. Flame Refraction, which returns a fraction of the ammo used to kill an enemy back to the magazine with each kill, extending the trace beam’s duration. Finally, Composite Stock, which slightly increases Stability, and slightly increases Handling Speed.

The perks bring the weapon up to a fairly decent level, enough that it’s ranked #44 in PVP. the thing is that this is the version of Prometheus Lens that’s been nerfed, since it proved far too powerful and any Guardian who had it destroyed the enemy team.

Now how is this compared to the other exotic Trace Rifle, which was also a Playstation exclusive for a while, Coldheart? It’s ranked #51 in PVP which is obviously a but worse than Prometheus Lens but why is that? Well Coldheart doesn’t generate that heat field that Prometheus Lens does, growing damage over the length of time the trigger is held. This is the only real difference between the perks on both weapons and ultimately it seems as though that’s why Prometheus Lens is the better Trace Rifle.

Image Source: DestinyTracker

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