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Should Bungie Add A Weekly Crucible Pinnacle Activity To Destiny 2?


A Guardian on the Destiny 2 subreddit has made a bold request, a weekly Pinnacle quest for the Crucible. The reason this is a pretty intense request is that currently Pinnacle quests come around once a season, or for specific events. For most Guardians the current loadout of Pinnacle quests is enough, so is it worth Bungie adding a weekly one that’s specifically for PVP? Let’s discuss.

Powerful Gear Once a Week

The actual request, from Guardian Berg9940, has some fairly solid reasoning to it. They argue that, while it’s great having a new Pinnacle quest with each Iron Banner, it’s not enough for those Guardians who primarily play PVP. I play a range of Destiny 2 activities depending on what I feel like doing, but I get that for some Guardians this is a PVP game only. In the same way that some people have purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 and never touched the story, Some Guardians will have run through a bit of story in Destiny 2, but now only play PVP.

Right now there are Pinnacle rewards for PVE activities once a week, but this Guardian doesn’t actually enjoy the PVE elements of Destiny 2 as much as they do the PVP gameplay. In a sense, they’re working all day, and then coming home to work away again just to earn the best gear in Destiny 2, but they don’t want to be doing what’s required of them at that point in time. This is beyond the grind that MMOs are known for, it’s forcing Guardians to do something that they don’t want to do.


Destiny 2 is not a game that’s set in stone, it changes and evolves over time. We already know that at some point in the future we’ll see Gambit or Gambit Prime removed as Bungie streamline the game mode. We also now have a seasonal system that changes the world of Destiny 2 every few months, which wasn’t the case in year 1, and it certainly wasn’t ever the case in Destiny 1. Looking at Destiny 2 today, and comparing it even just to how it was before the launch of Shadowkeep, the game has completely changed. But that’s not a bad thing.

I know there will be Guardians out there who don’t see the point of a new Pinnacle quest every week just for PVP, but that’s because they don’t spend most of their time there. I think it’s important for Bungie to listen to the community, and they’re doing that now more than ever, as is evident in their recent community investment. So should they add a new weekly Pinnacle quest for the Crucible?

Too Much?

I think that Bungie should bring a new Pinnacle quest to the Crucible once a week because there’s clearly a want for it. Guardians wouldn’t make this request if they didn’t feel like they needed a bit more content to make PVP a worthwhile experience. However, I also think that these new quests risk bloating Destiny 2 too much, so they need to be implemented in the correct way.

If Bungie were to implement these new Pinnacle quests, they should only last for a week. If a Guardian doesn’t complete the quest before the next reset, then the quest is deleted and gone forever. This will avoid Guardians like me having an inventory that’s full of Pinnacle quests that I’ll never finish, and that used to happen a lot before Bungie got more on top of sorting that kind of thing out.

What do you think? Should PVP focused Guardians have a new Pinnacle quest once per week? Or should bungie do something different to allow this new Pinnacle quest to reward all Guardians, not just those who play endless PVP matches? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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