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The Guardian Chasing The True Ending Of The Dreaming City


A Guardian is chasing the lofty Power Level of 999 because of some lore in Destiny 2 that may or may not be entirely true. The Guardian in question, Zupah, has been posting regular updates on their progress, and they’re getting really close.

How Is This Possible?

You’re forgiven if you think that the Power Level cap in Destiny 2 is 960, because that’s where the gear score cap ends. However, with the introduction of Seasonal Artifacts, it’s now possible to surpass this by as much as you can grind. This season’s artifact, The Gate Lord’s Eye, can be levelled up every time the XP bar is filled, which looks as though it allows us to reach at least Power Level 999.

However, every level with The Gate Lord’s Eye requires more XP than the last, meaning Zupah is now at the point where they have an unbelievable grind between levels. Certain actions will provide a large amount of XP, like Bounties which produce 6,000 XP. In fact the most optimal way to grind out XP, or at least what Zupah is doing, is grabbing random Bounties from Eris Morn and then heading off to the Lost Sector K1 Communion in order to complete them. Zupah will then repeat this process, and so it’s been for a little while now.

In total 45 million XP was required to push Zupah’s Power Level up to 999, and they’re nearly there. At the time of writing Zupa’s last update said that they were at Power Level 984, which is mad when you think about it.

Why Do This?

Zupah might be crazy, but they’re doing all of this for a reason. The reason is a piece of lore called Actchoosereact, which is actually a sort of choose-your-own adventure story that is part of Destiny 2’s lore. Specifically we are talking about a piece that reads ‘He issues you several tokens, a rare-quality fusion rifle, and a letter. The letter reads “Achieve Light Level 999 and defeat Dûl Incaru in a one-person fireteam to unlock the true ending of The Dreaming City”

The passage mentions Light Level, which is what Power Level was called in Destiny 1. It seems as though anyone who defeats this boss from the Shattered Throne with a Power Level of 999 will see something no other Guardian has ever sen before. But what the true ending to The Dreaming City could be is anyone’s guess.

Right now there’s more than a month left of Season of the Undying, so Zupah could complete their task. However, I’m worried about the repercussions of that action on the rest of the Destiny 2 community. Will this mean that The Dreaming City gets healed, and the Last Wish raid disappears? Or will it mean that The Dreaming City crumbles? We’ll possibly know more by the end of November.

Let us know what you think of Zupah’s quest in the comments.

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