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Destiny 2 Bosses As UFC fighters

Destiny 2 gamers can see raid bosses with many qualities of UFC fighters when they play. 

Destiny 2 gamers can see raid bosses with many qualities of UFC fighters when they play.  

Riven of a Thousand Voices – Khabib Nurmagomedov  

There are very few people or characters in any competitive setting that can say that they are unbeatable. Chances are that over the course of time, someone will have a bad day and surprise that seemingly invincible force to get what they were hoping to earn from the proceedings. But in the case of both Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Riven of a Thousand Voices, there aren’t many ways to beat them that don’t involve exploits.  

In the case of Nurmagamedov, there has been nothing that has been able to make him lose in his career. He has won all 28 of the fights that have been put in front of him, with a series of knockouts, submissions, and decisions leading to a 28-0 career record. And in the case of Riven the most proven way to have a chance to defeat her, aside from finding some help, is to use an exploit in the game.  

The fact that this boss is powerful to the point that it can’t lose via legal means is reminiscent of Khabib Nurmagamedov and his incredible MMA career. And like Khabib, who is typically selected by those forecasting the results of UFC bouts through sources of fan engagement in that sport, the ability of Riven boss to take a player out of commission in a hurry makes both of them dangerous.  

Val Ca’uor - Nick Diaz  

When it comes to mixed martial arts fighting, having a great gas tank is one of the most important things that anyone can do to be good at the sport. That means that the fighter needs to have superb conditioning from start to finish to avoid making mistakes that could otherwise be avoided. In the case of the Val Ca’uor raid boss, a gas tank like the one that Nick Diaz has is a perfect match given the relentlessness of both the fighter and the boss.  

While some battles against bosses allow players some downtime and the ability to get themselves set for the remainder of the challenge that lies ahead, this battle is not like that at all. Instead, players need to remain focused and execute their strategies in order to be successful in the same way that a fighter couldn’t afford to lose their focus for even a moment against the likes of Diaz.  

While the physical nature of fighting is, of course, more exhausting than anything that needs to be done while playing Destiny 2, the requirement to be completely engaged in this challenge is something that makes this boss feel exactly like a showdown in the octagon must feel in that competitors have to maintain their edge at all times, only without the allegations of fight ducking that Diaz has come under.  

Photo by Pixabay / License
While the maneuvers are different, elite fighters and raid bosses have more in common than you’d think.    

Morgeth – Brock Lesnar  

MMA fighting is all about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent. And once an opponent has revealed a legitimate weakness, the key is making sure that it can be attacked to put a fight away once and for all. In the case of the Morgeth raid boss in Destiny 2, there is a clearly defined weakness that could make things easier for competitors in the game.  

The weak spot for Morgeth is right behind this boss, as players can launch impactful attacks whenever they can manage to get behind it. Compare that to Lesnar’s suspect cardiovascular endurance, which has given some of his opponents the opportunity to tire him out early in fights before they were able to earn victories over him. All in all, the two have a lot in common thanks to their clearly defined weaknesses that make them the competitors that they are.  

Of course, there are plenty of other comparisons that could be made in a similar vein. But these comparisons in particular form strong ties between the various raid bosses one would see in destiny and some of the toughest competitors on the planet.  

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