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Guardian Pulls Over While Driving To Kill Riven

Over on the Destiny Subreddit one Guardian has shared their incredibly unique experience of killing Riven with a Guardian who had pulled over whilst driving in order to join them.


Over on the Destiny Subreddit one Guardian has shared their incredibly unique experience of killing Riven with a Guardian who had pulled over whilst driving in order to join them.

The Guardian who shared this bizarre story goes by the Reddit username, TheHomesteadTurkey. In their post they explained how they initially loaded up Destiny 2 in order to kill Riven on each of their three characters. They got a team together, presumably either from friends or one of the various LFG sites, and got into the process of raiding once a final Guardian had joined them.

This final Guardian sounded pretty chill, in TheHomesteadTurkey’s own words. They had some impressive gear and knew what they were doing. At the end of the day this is all that most of us ask for with randoms when searching for groups, so I see no reason to suspect anything other than that this Guardian was another dedicated Riven killer.

The group killed Riven three times. Before the final encounter in Last Wish, Queenswalk, TheHomesteadTurkey has to got and eat their dinner. They added that it was pretty tasty, and I’m sorry if that makes you as hungry as I am now writing it. When they return to the game they can hear windshield wipers, and what they think is a car running in the background. As the sounds slowly sink in, the rest of the raid team begin to laugh uncontrollably. Belly-laughing is a very odd thing to come back to in a game, because you’re the one who’s missed the funny moment, but the laughter is so catching that you end up laughing for no reason.

When one of the other Guardians gets themselves under control they tell TheHomesteadTurkey that this other Guardian pulled over by the side of the road in order to help them kill Riven. This sounds like a joke, but I can assure you it isn’t. Apparently the chat audio from the Guardian began to include his wife’s voice arguing with him over the phone while he was driving back again.

TheHomesteadTurkey had no clue how it was possible for a Guardian to team up with a fireteam on PS4 while driving, but wanted to put the story out there to thank the kind soul who went a huge way out of his way to help them get these Riven kills. I have to admit that I was stumped about this one too, but now many other Guardians have chimed in with how it’s possible.

Apparently the Sony Xperia, and jailbroken Android phones, can have a remote application that allows you to play your PS4 over a cellular connection. This makes total sense, because you can play your PS4 on your phone or computer over the wi-fi, so it’s not a huge leap. The app is generally exclusive to Sony phones, but we all know there are ways to get around everything.

As the comments rolled in it emerged that there’s even a group of Guardians who are all truckers, and use Remote Play to play Destiny 2 when they stop on the road. I had no idea these people existed until this post was made, but you can bet that I’m going to do my best to get out there and find them, so we can get an interview with them on Destiny News Hub in the future.

Let us know what you think of this insane story, and the fact that there are Destiny 2 truckers out there, in the comments.

Image Source: Bright Whiz Central

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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