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Riven Killed Solo On First Floor


A Guardian has managed to accomplish a world first, defeating Riven solo on the first floor. Over on the Destiny Subreddit user Unknown573 posted a video of them defeating Riven on the first floor. Check it out below and read on for more.

Riven is the boss of the Last Wish raid, the raid that was unlocked a short time after Forsaken released. Clan Redeem completed the raid first, changing Destiny 2 for everyone else. Her defeat started a three week cycle that the Dreaming City continues to loop through, and formed a huge part of the Destiny 2 endgame for quite some time.

Riven has been defeated solo before, that’s not what’s new here. What’s new is that Riven has been killed, solo, on the first floor.

The Last Wish raid has a series of encounters before you reach Riven, with Riven being the last one. Every guide you can find on this raid talks you through the various floors in this encounter, with most leading you up to the fourth and final floor where you defeat Riven and claim your rewards.

Usually killing Riven is a feat only a Fireteam can achieve, and even solo it takes a Guardian of immense strength to actually kill her. For someone to kill Riven on the first floor is an unprecedented feat, and it makes her into the Crota of Destiny 1. For anyone who isn’t aware, Crota, the boss of the raid in The Dark Below, became known as one of the easiest bosses in Destiny 1 because his AI was predictable, and extremely easy to defeat in one sitting. In fact the entire raid surrounding Crota became a joke as Destiny 1 grew.

It seems as though Riven has become the Crota of Destiny 2, a boss that we perceive to be so easy that we could defeat her on our own. Part of this is probably the fact that the Power Level cap has risen so much since Riven was introduced to the game in Forsaken. Since then we’ve had a number of seasons, each of which has pushed the Power Max level cap up again and again.

A few new raids have also now been added to Destiny 2, which has definitely pushed Last Wish down the list of hardest activities. The issue is that if Bungie put the Power Level requirements up for the raid, by making it more difficult, then new Guardians won’t be able to complete it when they naturally get to that piece of content along the storyline of Destiny 2. To keep things coherent, Last Wish, and Riven, need to be a lower Power Level than everything else, so that new Guardians won’t be put off by such a brutally hard challenge.

One great aspect of Riven being such a pushover now is the fact that getting One Thousand Voices, the Exotic Fusion Rifle which is a rare drop from Last Wish, is now much easier to do.

Let us know what you think of this amazing solo feat in the comments.

Image Source: VSBattleWiki

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