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Bungie Is Doubling Down On Destiny 2 Communities Around The World


In their most recent This Week At Bungie article, the developers announced a new initiative that will see them working with global Destiny 2 communities in a much better way. Since we all know that Destiny 2 is a game played by Guardians around the world, it’s a little hard for some Guardians to get updates when they’re all put out in English, and need to be translated. That’s not going to be the case moving forward though.

This news comes on top of a Xenophage buff and nerf for The Recluse and One-Eyed Mask, both of which we’ve published in-depth articles on.

Regional Twitter Accounts

Bungie began working on region-specific Twitter accounts a short while ago, but now that initiative has evolved to encompass two brand new community team members.

The first of these new team members is Epyon, who will be working with Dmg04 to support the French community of Guardians, and provide the best bread in the world to Bungie as and when possible. I’m super jealous of the bread, isn’t bread great? Anyway, here’s their introduction to the Destiny 2 community as it appears on Bungie’s site.

“Bonjour”, Guardians! Epyon here. I’m the French Community Manager, which means that not only will I have the pleasure to serve the Guardians from France, but also to provide proper bread to Dmg04. And when I say “proper bread”, I obviously mean “French bread”. Beside all the usual French clichés, what can I tell you? Until very recently, I was a journalist, working at Jeuxvideo.com, the main video game media here in France. Among many other things, I’ve been reporting on Bungie and Destiny for more than six years now, which is pretty amazing given that this is mostly because of another Bungie creation that I once chose to write about. You know, that big dude with the green armor, who blows up ring worlds… I also had the privilege to co-host the French version of Fireteam Chat (“Escouade Chat” in French). And because it seems that I never had enough of Bungie, I even wrote a book that came out last year. And now, this? Joining Bungie? Life’s crazy, friends.

My dear fellow French Guardians: we’ll have many things to talk about in the coming weeks and months. I know you’re all over the internet, gathered through Facebook groups, Discord channels, and so on. I’ll come and find you, wherever you are to talk with you, and hear what you have to say about the game we all love so much. In the same time, be sure to make Bungie.net’s forum your home. At least, another one. Use the checkbox, choose “French” as your language, and… “voilà !” I’ll be there, reading, answering, and amplifying your voice at the studio. No matter what, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter (@Epyonzilla). Even if you’re a Hunter or a Warlock.

Maurice is the second new community team member at Bungie. They’ll be supporting the German-speaking Destiny 2 community. Here’s their introduction to you all as it is on Bungie’s site.

Hi folks! My name is Maurice and I’ll be taking care of the German-speaking part of our community from now on. Some of you might know me as the former editor-in-chief and host of Inside PlayStation, and as one of the more vocal Destiny fans in the German games media. Being able to join Bungie as a dedicated Community Manager for the German-speaking audience is a bigger deal than it might seem at first glance: DACH-Guardians (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) have traditionally been participating in the community by joining the English subreddit and organizing splinter-groups on other platforms. Our community has been all over the place, so to speak. I’ll be visiting you where you like to gather, but I’ll also be establishing a unified clubhouse that doesn’t come with a language barrier. If this is something you would like to participate in (sorry for the technical discourse), make sure to choose German as your language on your Bungie.net account, go to the forums and untick the English checkbox. And bitteschön: You’re now part of the club! Direct line to the studio and all.

There will be many things for me to figure along the way and I encourage you to do your part by letting me know how I can serve you best, and where my attention might be needed. Just use the forums or hit me up on Twitter @Maurice_BNG. Let’s build this thing together, one step at a time. As you might imagine I am over the Moon right now. And on it – chasing that Undying title. To quote an old friend of mine: THIS IS AMAZING!!!

From the sounds of things, these two are the first step in having a native team member for each and every Destiny 2 community, but who knows how far Bungie is going to take this. Let us know what you think of the two new pro Guardians in the comments.

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