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Destiny: Xur’s Inventory for April 28th and 29th


Who is Xur?

Xur Agent Of The Nine, works for the mysterious group, The Nine. While Guardians have never seen The Nine, it is said that their influence is vast. Xur, the moss-tentacle-faced vendor visits social spaces once a week, bringing with him a variety of exotic items, which Guardians can purchase with Strange Coins.

Xur’s Location

It’s that time of week again! Xur has returned and he’s in the Tower once more. Head left from spawn and all the way down those stairs because you’re going to see the Speaker, or at least look at him. Stop outside the entrance to his chamber and turn around because Xur is lurking right there in front of that big old door. 

Xur’s Inventory

Exotic Weapon: Trespasser (Exotic Sidearm) 17 Strange Coins

This week it’s a golden oldie, which is only because the weapon was offered up to Guardians by Xur the week before Rise of Iron launched. This is one of only two Exotic Sidearms and for that fact alone it’s worth having. The first exotic perk, Relentless Tracker, grants increased motion tracker resolution after kills. The second, Be The Danger, makes the weapon fire bursts of bullets instead of single shots. Finally, Unrepentant, gives you a superburst the next time you fire if you reload right after a kill.

Check out our analysis of Trespasser to see if you’re interested.

Exotic Gauntlets: Immolation Fists (Titan class) 13 Strange Coins

I can’t look at these without being impressed, they’re just so cool. On top of that, the first exotic perk, Accelerant, unlocks the subclass node Explosive Pyre for Sunbreakers without it taking up a class slot. Any enemies you kill with your hammer will explode and chain fire damage to other enemies. The second exotic perk, Rain Blows, increases melee attack speed. I don’t have to tell you how special it is to get a class ability for free, just because of this these are worth getting. 

Exotic Helmet: Obsidian Mind (Warlock Class) 13 Strange Coins

This helmet looks so dark that I don’t think light can escape it. The exotic perk, Insatiable, makes Nova Bomb kills reduce the cooldown of your next Nova Bomb. Since Nova Bombs are huge enough that they can kill whole groups of enemies, it’s always worth having more of them. 

Exotic Helmet: Knucklehead Radar (Hunter Class) 13 Strange Coins

This helmet is great for making the enemy think you’ve got either three eyes, or can’t see at all thanks to that target on your face. Anyway, the first exotic perk, Sensor Pack, means that your radar remains active while aiming down sights on primary weapons. The second, Inverse Shadow, increases super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness. The ability to have your radar up while aiming is almost invaluable, trust me when I say you should seriously consider buying this.

Weapon Bundles

Invective and Storm’s Reproach: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Invective is really a fantastic weapon. A special weapon that regenerates ammo over time, making it great for both PVE and PVP. Ornaments can be purchased at all times, but Invective is only on sale when Xur offers it. Check out our thoughts on Invective to help your decision.

Telesto and Lingering Vestige: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Telesto is one of the best Special weapons there is. Again the Ornament can be purchased at any time, but youshould seriously consider buying the weapon if you need something good in the Special slot. Check out our thoughts on Telesto to help you decide.

Legacy Engram: (Exotic Special Weapon) 29 Strange Coins – The Legacy Engram will decode for a Year 1 or 2 piece of armour to complete your collection. Some of these items can be infused to Year 3 Light Level.

Three Of Coins (Consumable) 7 Strange Coins

Plasma Drive (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Emerald Coil (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Sythesis Consumable) 3 Strange Coins

Glass Needles (Consumable) 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes Of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard

Our Take

Well, this week is a pretty good week if you’re a newcomer to Destiny. Trespasser is a great Exotic weapon, and given that it’s one of the only Sidearms that’s exotic it’s almost definitely worth having for that alone. There’s also some really great exotic armour, depending on what class your main character is, but above all of it you should be keen to purchase Immolation fists. A free class ability is nothing to turn your nose up at. Keep an eye out for our take on Trespasser later this weekend. 

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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