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How To Unlock The Secret Festival Of The Lost Triumph In Destiny 2


We’re in the final week of Festival of the Lost 2019, and that means that we’re all panicking about grabbing everything out of the time-limited event that we can. From the Braytech Werewolf to every single Festival of the Lost mask, like the Hive Acolyte one, it all must be obtained before another year has to go by and we can access it again.

However, one of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of the event appears to have been locked until this week, the secret Triumph for Festival of the Lost. This Triumph has always been vague, mentioning a spider in the sights as part of getting it, but no one has managed to figure out what it means, until this week.

Spider Vision

Of course I’m talking about the Spider Vision Triumph, one that has plagued the community for the last two weeks. Now we finally understand how to unlock it, even if there’s still a lot of speculation surrounding the exact process and requirements.

As originally reported by GameRant, in order to unlock Spider Vision, Guardians need to go and see Eva Levante and purchase a brand new consumable from her, the Festival Charm. The item costs a mere 100 Candy, and will increase the number of Chocolate Strange Coins a Guardian receives from runs in The Haunted Forest. So purchase the Festival Charm, but don’t consume it yet, because there’s a specific requirement if you want to get the Spider Vision Triumph.

Instead, load into a game of the Haunted Forest. Once you’re in, take the Festival Charm. It’s best to take it right at the start before the circle is activated, and the bridge through the first branch opened. Nothing is going to happen straight away, and it’ll feel like you’ve wasted your time. But if you aim down the sights of your equipped weapon, a spider’s shadow should descend to scare the living daylights out of you.

This is the trigger for Spider Vision, and the Triumph should unlock after you’ve seen the shadow come down the screen. However, there’s a lot of speculation surrounding the exact requirements. It seems as though it’s also now possible to get the Triumph when matched up with a specific type of team, though what that is we’re not sure at the time of writing. What we do know is that some Guardians have reported getting the Triumph without taking the Festival Charm, though it appears as though someone else in the fireteam must have taken the item, causing it to activate for everyone.

Other Guardians have reported getting the Spider Vision Triumph outside of The Haunted Forest. Most notable among these instances is the event occurring in the Vex Offensive event. to be honest this would make sense, since both activities are time-limited, and there could just be a line of code in the back-end of Destiny 2 that allows Spider Vision to activate in any time-limited event.

Regardless of how you earn it, the Triumph is now live for all Guardians, meaning that everything can now be earned for Festival of the Lost 2019. Let us know if you get your Spider Vision Triumph in the comments.

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