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How To Access The Pit Of Heresy Dungeon In Destiny 2


Pit of Heresy has been available for a while now, but there are still Guardians out there who don’t know how to access it. We’ve got you covered with our little guide, so sit back and read up here on how to access a really punishing activity that you’ll wish wasn’t in your life. On a side note, this area is essential for the Xenophage quest, so you may have to go there.

The Moon

The first thing you need to do is head to the Moon, because that’s where Pit of Heresy is. If you’ve never been there before, then chat to Eris in order to start the quest. This should send you to Sorrow’s Harbour, where you can take part in the Alters of Sorrow public event, which was introduced a couple of weeks ago. This event basically sees you face wave after wave of enemies until a Phogoth shows up, which is always a fun time.

Tier 3

If you’ve not accessed Pit of Heresy before, then you’ll need to reach Tier 3 and kill 20 Nightmares in Alters of Sorrow public events before you can progress. If you make it to Tier 5 you can get yourself an awesome new weapon, but either way you’ll head back to Eris once you’ve completed the quest.


Once the above are done, you’ll just have to activate the dungeon from the map, it’s pretty simple. The quest here is more about making Guardians do a bit of work and earn themselves the gear that will help them survive while they’re in the put more than anything.

The rewards from Pit of Heresy aren’t fantastic, but they’re worth getting if you’re pushing up that Power Level. Obviously there are easier ways to push your Power Level, but not many of them are as fun as Pit of Heresy. There’s something about the dungeons of Destiny 2 that are just so enjoyable, probably because of the level of replayability they have to them, similar to those of Diablo 3.

As I’ve already mentioned, this are is key to getting Xenophage. even though this is a bugged and useless weapon, it’s worth getting if you’re a collector and lover of lore. If nothing else, it’s a nice distraction for a few hours while you do something completely different in the game.

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