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Bungie Shows Off The New Auto Rifle For Festival Of The Lost


Move over, Horror Story

Halloween is drawing nearer, and it’s getting kind of spooky out. Kind of scary, if you will. And few do it better than Bungie, who released information on their Festival of the Lost event, returning on October 29th.

The event holds its fair share of cosmetics, ornaments, masks, sparrows, ships, ghosts (though no Ghost Ghost; maybe next year) the whole nine yards. But one major reward that was mentioned specifically was the new Legendary Auto Rifle: the BrayTech Werewolf.

The Braytech Werewolf is a major reward for this Event, like the Horror Story (from FotL 2018) and the Vow (from Crimson Days 2019). Following the pattern, the Curated Werewolf drops for everyone at 950 Power, which is the current hard cap. Unlike the other event weapons, however, the Werewolf has access to random rolls after obtaining the Curated roll. So in the event that a better roll is available to get (or you really need the Enhancement Cores), you’re covered.

The Werewolf is modeled off of the BrayTech Winter Wolf; a fixed-rolled Auto Rifle from the Warmind expansion. The gun rolled with either High Impact Reserves or Zen Moment, so it is likely that at least one of those perks will be available on the new Werewolf.

The BrayTech Werewolf can be acquired by earning Candy during the event, which can drop from Bounties or from completions of the Haunted Forest limited-time activity. New Light players must have the Tower unlocked and be at 770 power or higher to access this activity.

Luckily Festival of the Lost is an event that doesn’t require players to have Shadowkeep or the Season of the Undying season pass. That means that the BrayTech Werewolf is for literally anyone, even if they’ve just started. However, the event won’t last forever, so it’s worth grinding out the missions to unlock the Tower, as we already said, now so that you don’t need to waste precious candy-gathering time later on.

Let us know if you’re working towards this weapon once Festival of the Lost 2019 goes live next week in the comments. Also let us know if you’re a brand new player, or someone who’s been playing since the alpha.

Image Source: Bungie


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