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Q And A With A Hive Acolyte: Ishivu-Vaurux


Welcome to something a little different here on Destiny News Hub. For today’s article out resident Hive enthusiast Avraham went out into the world and had an honest to god interview with an Acolyte. Ishivu-Vaurux was ‘kind’ enough to indulge us with a few insights into their existence at this time of year.

Avraham: Great to have you here, Ishivu-Vaurux.

Vaurux: I am here of my own volition, Light Bearer.

Avraham: Great… either way, good to see you.

Vaurux hissed at me, boney fingers rubbing together. His green eyes burned inquisitively. He began to answer my questions.

Avraham: So, where are you from?

Vaurux: I come from the festering pits of Ishivu-Ki, my namesake.

Avraham: Neat. Are you close with your fam—

Vaurux: As soon as the blood-marrow burst from my bones my brood mother attempted to execute me. The day I tore the strength from her Worm was the day I ascended from thrall.

Avraham: … good for you. So you got promoted?

Vaurux: In a sense.

Avraham: Anyway, there’s been a lot of developments in gear and activities all the way from Mars to Moon. How does it feel to be on the other end of the trigger?

Vaurux’s eyes shimmer.

Vaurux: It is glorious. We have lost many swarms to your Light-Bearers. Yet many have been sharpened. Many Knights born. Strength to strength. As told in the Logic.

Avraham: Really? What about all the new weapons? Have you ever seen an explosive bow out there on the moon?

Vaurux: B-ôw? I know nothing of such an instrument. There are accounts of Bearers using crude machines of chain and fire, but I have not seen such. The more the Bearers sharpen their blades, the faster our brood grows.

Avraham: Perhaps we can get your take on some gear?

Vaurux: Perhaps.

Avraham: First off, the new gun. Xeno-

At this point Vaurux began to groan and shriek loudly. It was explained to me later that this was, in fact, laughter.

Vaurux: Agh! My brood is not known for trickery. But when our thrall set the markers and waited for the Bearers to brave the pit, it was too ingenious to ignore. All those Bearers split by the great flame of Zulmak. Only to receive such a feeble weapon! We bathe the ogres with the same machine!

It took a while for him to calm down, but he eventually composed himself.

Avraham: Fine, fine enough weapons. What do you think of the festival?

Vaurux: Of the lost? A celebration of weakness. The lost are the unsharpened, the weak.

Avraham: But… the candy? The decorations?

Vaurux: Nonsense. Weakness. However, the chocolate does have its… merits.

Avraham: I see we had some of the staff help show you around the tower.

Vaurux: Indeed. I am disappointed that I was not ripped from my Worm.

Avraham: Well, there were plenty of Acolyte masks floating around. You fit right in. What do you think of the Vanguard?

Vaurux: Fools. Even for Light Bearers. The blue one seemed to know my true flesh almost by instinct.

Vaurux: The other seemed to be pouring over that design of hers. Are all Bearers so weak that they must rely upon doors to find their enemies?

Avraham: And Shaxx?

Vaurux’s eyes shined bright.

Vaurux: Beautiful. Wonderful. Even for a Light-Bearer. A follower of the Sword Logic in its purest sense.

Avraham: … Okay. Anyways, great to have you with us, Vaurux. Hope to see you as a Knight next time.

Vaurux: With more blood spilt, perhaps it is a possibility.

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