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Festival Of The Lost Gives People A Head Start In Candy Collecting


The trees, they’re in the trees!

The Festival of the Lost is upon us once again, and with it, its fair share of goodies to chase, from masks, to guns, to a Toothbrush. Ol’ Eva Levante is back in town, and she’s given us the greatest gift of all: Candy! And Chocolate Strange Coins! And Gingivitis!

But, hey, that’s what the Toothbrush is for.

Candy is not too hard to get in-game; there are plenty of activities which are “farmable” for Candy, since it drops from enemies defeated. However, some of our New Light friends may not know where to start. After all, with as much content as Destiny 2 offers, it can be overwhelming for new players trying the game out for the first time. Luckily, Bungie has given us a head-start on the Candy Collecting, right in the Tower. Get your Goodie Bags, because this is a good one.

Many Vendors in the Tower will be happy to give you some Candy for no cost at all, but a faster method of getting some fast candy is climbing the trees! While it’s not Felwinter’s Peak, these miniature parkour courses can net you some delicious sweets that you can trade in for Grab Bags, or the BrayTech Werewolf!

The first tree is in the center of the Tower Courtyard. When climbing, make sure to look out for small blue or purple Motes on the tree. Walking over these Motes gives you Ten Candy for a blue one or Three Chocolate Strange Coins for the purple ones. The Tree in the Courtyard grants forty Candy and three Chocolate Strange Coins. Plus you can meet a friendly cat just chilling up there.

A black cat crossing your path is bad luck, but if you happen to find one, be sure to pet it!

The other Tree is the one near Ikora Rey, in the Tower Bazaar. If all of the motes are collected, you should net around thirty Candy and three Chocolate Strange Coins.

This is by no means the fastest way to get Candy; add your stash up and you only have about 70 Candy and six Chocolate Strange Coins, not even enough for a Grab Bag. However, it is a fun little challenge you can do with your friends or alone. Try getting them all on your first try without falling! If you did it successfully, let us know in the comments! And if you didn’t, you can still say you did. We won’t hold it against you.

Festival of the Lost lasts from October 29th to November 19th!


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