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Don’t Hand In The Rare Bounty For Izanagi’s Burden This Week


Right now we should be talking about Festival of the Lost, or the new Exotic weapon Xenophage, but what we have to discuss is yet another bug with the Izanagi’s Burden quest.

This issue relates to the most recent reset in Destiny 2, the update that hit this week and brought Festival of the Lost 2019 with it. As of last week, it was still possible to complete the Izanagi’s Burden quest, but now it isn’t. At the time of writing there has been no official response from Bungie, but we’ll add one if we see one.

Don’t Hand in the Rare Bounty

If you have the Rare Bounty that leads to Izanagi’s Burden when completed, do not hand it in once completed. If you do it won’t award you with anything for your work. As reported by Reddit user nobleHAVOC, consuming the consumable that you get after completing the Rare Bounty will stop the process, so don’t consume it.

Multiple users have reported the issue, and some have even deleted the Mysterious Box in order to try to reset the quest. This will achieve nothing, so don’t even try.

Not the First Time

The first issue with Izanagi’s Burden was for those who hadn’t earned the key mold from Ada-1 prior to Shadowkeep’s release. This was fixed with the update earlier this week, but now we have a couple of new issues, the first of which is mentioned above.

The second issue relates to consuming the Obsidian Crystal, which we also mentioned above briefly. As we said, this now won’t advance the quest, so save the consumable and don’t consume it. The third new issue relates to getting the weapon across multiple characters. It sounds like the key mold for Izanagi’s Burden can’t be claimed by other characters on your account if one has already claimed it.

According to Reddit user SirLancelottStark, the last issue with Izanagi’s Burden took Bungie 29 days to fix. They now predict that this issue will take 58 days to fix, which is longer than there is time left in the Season of the Undying. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s more worth your time to max out the Season Pass now than it is to work on the Exotic quest for Izanagi’s Burden.

Let us know if you’ve been affected by the issue with this quest in the comments.



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