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New Destiny 2 Cutscene Shows Eris Messing With The Darkness


If you haven’t loaded up Destiny 2 since downloading update 2.6.1, and Festival of the Lost, you may want to avoid this article since it will contain spoilers for lore you might want to see for yourself first. If you’ve already watched this new lore, or don’t care about seeing it yourself first, check out the video below and read on for more details.

As you can see, this is a troubling video. What we have here is Eris Morn interacting with the statue in the centre of the Darkness Pyramid, that unholy machine that’s underneath the Moon’s crust, and forms the focus of the campaign for Shadowkeep. If you’ve completed the Shadowkeep campaign then you’ll know that when you’re inside that Pyramid, nothing makes sense. The Pyramid wants to get at the Traveller’s Light, and corrupt it somehow. Ultimately we don’t know a lot about what the Darkness wants, but we do know that it will kill all Guardians in order to get their Light.

What Happens to Eris?

To break things down from the trailer we have a short series of events. First, Eris walks up to the statue in the centre of the Pyramid, which we know calls out to Guardians because it can infect their Light. Second, Eris touches the statue’s base, and it begins to cover her artifact, which is a piece of her soul if you didn’t know. Eris then lets go of the statue for fear of what is happening, but clearly decides that she needs to see things through. When she finally does, she turns around and looks at us with a dark smile.

Guardians are already reporting that Eris has changed, that her weekly lore message is somehow different in tone to how it has previously been. This could suggest that Eris is now under the control of the Darkness, but if she is then why isn’t she steering us towards they Pyramid?

The last time we left off, Eris was investigating the Pyramid, trying to uncover the secrets within it. Clearly there is something very strange going on, and it doesn’t just relate to Festival of the Lost. I think that this is a turning point for Eris. She’s been so lost in her own madness, but now she seems to have a purpose, but I don’t think it’s her own. Only time will tell exactly what’s going on, but for better or worse, Eris has entered the Pyramid, and interacted with the Darkness.

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