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How Masterworks Weapons Work in Destiny 2


Masterworks weapons have finally come to Destiny 2, but the full list of Masterworks weapons is still incomplete as Guardians battle to get as many as they can. Even if you have a Masterwork weapon at this point you may be wondering what the difference between them and normal Legendary weapons is. Let’s have a more in-depth look at them.

First off it’s important to note that Masterworks are Legendary weapons with one randomly rolled perk and the ability to generate Orbs with Multikills. When you dismantle these weapons you’ll get Masterworks cores, between one and three for each one dismantled. These are used for upgrading existing Legendary weapons into Masterworks, meaning you can bring your favourite weapon up to top tier damage levels if you put in a bit of grinding.

Within the Masterworks tier there are two types of weapons. the first are Vanguard Masterworks which track enemies killed in the PVE sandbox, and Crucible Masterworks which track kills int he Crucible multiplayer matches. While the difference isn’t massive it’s definitely something you should consider when using the weapon as it’ll benefit you where you use it the most. You can swap between the two types for ten Masterworks Cores and 25 Legendary Shards.

The re-rollable perks that each Masterworks weapon comes with can be re-rolled if you’d like to try your luck for a better perk for 3 Masterworks Cores and 25 Legendary Shards. The list of perks available will achieve one of the following in your weapon, so don’t continue rolling if you’ve seen them all and are still bitterly disappointed.

  • Impact: 5 points – swords, sniper rifles and fusion rifles
  • Range: 5 or 10 points – all weapons except grenade and rocket launchers
  • Stability: 5 or 10 points – all weapons except swords
  • Handling: 5 or 10 points – all weapons
  • Reload: 10 points – all weapons except swords
  • Magazine: 10% increase – all weapons
  • Blast radius: 5 points – rocket and grenade launcher only
  • Velocity: 5 points – rocket and grenade launcher only

While these may not seem like the largest effects to apply to weapons you’ll notice the difference if you’re playing with guns you use a lot. It’s likely that you’ll only really see the benefit when you’re maxed out on Light and Power level, but even those who like to min/max their build for the Crucible should see the difference a Masterworks weapon makes in a tight corner.

Image Source: Gamespot

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