The Hero’s Burden Vs Antiope-D Which Is The Better SMG?

The Hero’s Burden and Antiope-D are both SMGs in Destiny 2, but there’s some debate over which one fo these weapons is better. While you’re able to equip both SMGs at once since The Hero’s Burden is an Energy weapon and Antope-D is a Kinetic weapon, that just makes it harder to choose which is better. At least if you have a truly terrible SMG you know you’ll equip one of these two over it, but the similarity in certain stats as well as other factors turn these two into a hot debate among SMG enthusiasts.

Let’s start with the Antiope-D. This weapon has an Impact of 25, Range of 63, Stability of 39, Reload Speed of 27, and Handling of 26. In terms of hidden stats the Zoom is 15, Inventory Size is 30, Aim Assistance is 58, and Recoil Direction is 90.

It has a Precision Frame that makes for better vertical predictability and two sights, the GB Iron has a short zoom, and increases handling speed and range, while the SC Holo is a medium zoom that greatly increases range while slightly decreasing handling speed. You can choose from Ricochet Rounds, which increase range and stability while making bullets ricochet off of hard surfaces, or Tactical Mag which increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size. The final perk is Kill Clip which grants increased damage if you reload after a kill.

Many claim that this is the best SMG for PVP thanks mainly to the weapon stats. It’s range is significantly more than most other SMGs which can be a real advantage given the impact and overall power they pack. Usually the tradeoff with an SMG is that you need to be able to smell your opponent before you can kill them quickly, but the Antiope-D bucks that trend. With that said this isn’t the weapon for those who like to sit back and snipe, or even those who like a decent amount of distance between them and their foes. this is the weapon for getting up into someone’s face and making them panic while their health quickly whittles away as each bullet from this SMG inevitably hits them.

The Hero’s Burden has an Impact of 20, Range of 50, Stability of 46, Reload Speed of 58, and Handling of 63. All of these stats are up on the Antiope-D with the exception of Range which was that weapons strong suit. With Range aside however, this is the better SMG on paper based on stats.

The hidden stats for this weapon are a Zoom of 12, Inventory Size of 43, Aim Assistance of 51, and Recoil Direction of 93. these are fairly similar to the Antiope-D but also higher, meaning that the recoil is going to be worse with The Hero’s Burden, but that additional Aim Assistance probably helps to counteract the difference. Again, on paper this is still the better SMG.

This weapon has an adaptive frame so it’s much sturdier than others, and a choice of three sights. The SLO-10 Post sight has a short zoom and increases handling and slightly increases range. The SPO-28 Front sight has a medium zoom and increases range and slightly increases handling. Finally the SPO-26 Front sight has a short zoom and increases handling speed as well as rang. this last sight is probably the best.

The gun also has a choice between High-Caliber Rounds, which increases range and knock back from bullets, or Drop Mag which greatly increases reloading speed at the cost of ammo. The last perk is Threat Detector which increases reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are close.

The Hero’s Burden is a close quarters gun with no exceptions. The rate of fire is so fast that you’re spent on all your bullets within a couple of seconds, and you need that handling to make sure you hit your target. However, getting up close and personal and having a couple of seconds with which to kill an enemy is no easy feat in the Crucible, and that can lead to a lot of death with this weapon.

Overall both weapons are pretty good, but the Antiope-D comes out on top for the added range and that safety it provides by not forcing you into one on one fights all the time. With that said, The Hero’s Burden is the better gun up close, but does force you to play in a different way by hunting down individuals as opposed to being able to take out an entire enemy team. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

D.A.R.C.I Weapon Overview – Destiny 2 Sniper Rifle

This week Xur is selling the D.A.R.C.I Sniper Rifle. This sits in your Power Weapon slot and for all intents and purposes looks to be a solid gun, but a lot of Guardians have bad things to say about it. The fact is that this is one of those Exotic weapons that you’ll pick up because of the collector’s impulse within you, not because you need it to give you that edge in PVE or while you’re hunting down other Guardians in the Crucible. Really this is a big toy and an experiment by the developers at Bungie that seems to have fallen short of the original vision, or just failed.

However, I don’t think it’s as bad as people are saying, so here’s an overview to give you a rounded picture of the weapon to better help your decision as to whether to buy it or not.

The Exotic Intrinsic Perk of this weapon is Personal Assistant. This allows you to see an enemy’s health and other vital information when you aim at them through the scope.

Next up is Extended Barrel, which increases range while decreasing handling speed, and Extended Mag, which increases magazine size but decreases reload speed.

Finally we have Target Acquired, which deals more precision damage (about 6% more) when Personal Assistant is active, and Short-Action Stock, which greatly increases handling speed.

All in all these add up to a Sniper Rifle that is ridiculously easy to handle and can reveal a lot about your enemy. While it doesn’t have some of the perks you might want from a weapon like this, such as allowing you to see enemies through walls or keep the radar up while aiming down slights, it more than makes up for it.

The combination of Target Acquired and Personal Assistant means that you can aim at targets far better and maintain that aim more easily, whilst dealing an increased amount of precision damage. That increased damage can make all the difference in certain modes, particularly if you’re good at making clutch shots while falling from heights and bad jumps.

Over on the game’s Subreddit the community have discovered a potentially unintentional use for the weapon, one that aids YouTubers, Streamers, and Destiny analysts. Using D.A.R.C.I Guardians can detect the range at which certain perks and abilities activate, or become useful, thanks to the sights showing the distance you are from your enemy. For example, did you know that Gambler’s Dodge activates withing 13 metres, Arc Soul will target enemies withing 30 metres, and every class has a base melee lunge range of 4 metres? Let me know what you think of the weapon in the comments.

Image Source: PowerPyx

Wardcliff Coil Helps Redeem Clan Claim First Prestige Raid Victory

The Prestige version of the Leviathan raid went live in Destiny 2 this week. The launch of the Prestige raid had previously been delayed due to a glitch Bungie were attempting to patch prior to launch, however in the end they said they wouldn’t delay it any further but instead were able to track for the glitch. This means that Bungie is able to track the first legitimate completion of the Prestige Leviathan Raid, and they’re announcing the top three winners tomorrow.

However, the first clan to claim victory over the new raid variant, Redeem, have had their victory soured by some Guardians claiming that they used the Wardcliff Coil glitch in order to get more Power Ammo and therefore make the end boss easier. But what is this glitch? Are Bungie tracking it, or even aware of it? What is Wardcliff Coil?

Wardcliff Coil is an Exotic Rocket Launcher that was sold by Xur a number of weeks ago. Of course because Destiny 2 is still fresh, most players are buying whatever weapon Xur has simply for Power Level and collection purposes. The weapon fires a volley of rockets and reloads automatically on Power Ammo pickup, but this isn’t what supposedly aided Redeem in their victory.

The Wardcliff Coil glitch requires Guardians to have Wardcliff Coil equipped when they spawn, some say that you then need to kill an enemy but others say this isn’t required. Then when the ammo is spent, players swap to another Exotic in the Power Weapon slot, finding they have full ammo and are ready to deal damage instantly with another Power Weapon. This basically means that before bosses all Guardians can wipe with Wardcliff Coil attached, at a checkpoint of course, and spawn in ready to do maximum damage. If an entire fireteam is dealing two Power Weapon’s worth of damage to a boss in a DPS phase then they’ll go down much faster. Or will they?

There is some question as to how quickly this glitch helps a fireteam finish the raid. Yes they can do more damage and finish the boss quicker, but there are weapons out there that will do more DPS in a phase than Wardcliff Coil and any other Power Weapon Exotic, Coldheart for example. While there is no exact data on this yet I’m sure some helpful Guardians will do a comparison very soon.

Bungie has commented on the glitch, saying that they’re not able to track it and it isn’t the glitch they were expecting players to use in order to make the Prestige raid easier. They have openly said that they’re announcing the first three clans/fireteams to finish the Prestige raid tomorrow, and it’s down to each individual fan to decide who they think deserves the victory based on use of this glitch.

Image Source: PowerPyx

Is The Time-Worn Spire The Best Iron Banner Weapon In Destiny 2?

The first Iron Banner live event is currently running in Destiny 2, and the fans have a lot to say about the new Iron Banner weapons that are dropping left, right, and centre for them. The Time-Worn Spire is just one of those weapons, a Pulse Rifle, but it’s being said to be one of the best, if not the best weapon that you can get from the Iron Banner.


The weapon doesn’t look like it’s any special, and apart from the colour scheme and tiny badge it doesn’t look that different to any other Pulse Rifle. The impact is very low, almost non-existent, and the range isn’t much better, but the stability of the weapon is where it helps you land the hits and that’s extremely good. The handling and reload speed are average, but with that kind of stability you can be sure that you’re going to land a number of hits.

The intrinsic perk on the weapon is Rapid-Fire Frame, which gives you deeper ammo reserves, and slightly faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. This is pretty great for a Pulse Rifle as you tend to exhaust the magazine in one go, so more bullets is one thing, but being able to reload faster and finish off that enemy with a final burst is another entirely.

There are three types of aim, first is Hitmark IS, which increases handling speed and gives a slight boost to range. The second is Red Dot Micro which increases handling speed and range. Finally there is the Rifle Scope SSF which slightly increases range and slightly decreases handling speed. The best of these is the Red Dot Micro because it furthers your range which is sorely needed with the stability this weapon provides.

Other perks on this weapon are Tactical Mag, which increases stability, reload speed and magazine size. This perk alone is enough to boost the entire weapon’s stats up to make it even more awesome, giving it almost perfect stability.

Accurized Rounds increases the range of the weapon and each bullet individually, while Zen Moment increases stability when dealing damage with the weapon. Both of these make great bedfellows when they work, but it can be tricky to get the balance right in the middle of a firefight.

During combat the weapon is snappy and can bring down enemies quickly and efficiently. However, even with the increased stability it can be very hard to a land a hit, frustratingly so. With that said, the increased magazine size means you can make short work of an enemy and miss them a few times, reloading faster than normal when you hear the empty  magazine click thanks to that intrinsic perk.

But is this the best Iron Banner weapon of Destiny 2? There are those who say that the SMG that can drop is better, but in my opinion they’re fairly matched. In that case I think it depends which weapon you prefer using, but this is definitely one of the top two weapons from the event so far.

Image Source: Comicbook

Destiny 2 Veist Wallpapers

When Bungie first showed off Destiny 2 they also gave us a glimpse of a new weapon manufacturer, Veist. This company would join the likes of Haake, Omolon, SUROS, and so many more to help improve the variety of death-dealing tools available to each and every Guardian. I loved seeing a new weapon manufacturer on the scene and I love using their weapons, so we’re going to check out some of the guns they have on offer in the form of wallpaper images right here.


This is the Veist logo, and it really does look fantastic. The green words on black background give the company a toxic sort of felling, but that doesn’t really go with their design philosophy. Veist specialise in highly advanced weapons for Guardians for all purposes. All Veist weapons have an appearance that sets them apart from others in a Guardian’s arsenal. When you have one you know it because it looks so different, and to be honest it looks so much better than any others.


This Veist Sidearm explains perfectly what I mean about futuristic design with a venomous flair. The toxic green of the magazine alongside the Veist logo on the top of the gun give it a look that says it’s poisonous. The barrel of the weapon is pristine metal and looks like a jack for a guitar or an amp, crisp and clean and begging to be used. The white on black, combined with the pointed cover in front of the trigger, all add up to make it look like it would feel like shooting with a scorpion.


Valakadyn is a is a Veist Auto Rifle that combines all the signature trademarks of a Veist weapon. The green edging on it gives the whole weapon a feeling of evil, like whoever gets shot with it is going to die from a toxin coated on the bullets. The nuzzle once again is completely clean and clear, just perfect and unused. The rest of the weapon looks to be 3D printed and strapped to the inner parts, almost as if the entire thing is interchangeable and could be anything.

Veist weapons are a class to themselves. No one can say they don’t like them because they’re just the highest-spec looking, most amazing weapons on the market.

Destiny 2 Dead Orbit Concept Art and Wallpaper

This week in Destiny 2 we’re finally seeing the return of factions and their respective leaders with Faction Rallies. Guardians will need to ally themselves with the faction of their choice and earn reward tokens for that faction. At the end of the week the totals will be added up and the winning faction announced. This will then lead to that faction’s weapon going on sale for all Guardians, but at a discounted rate to those who chose that faction.

In this article we’re taking a look at Dead Orbit, personally my favourite faction and the ones who arguably have the coolest gear around. In Destiny 1 Dead Orbit were a mysterious group the leader of which, Arach Jalaal, would hang out around the Hanger in the Tower. That was before it was blown up of course.


The image above shows all three of the faction leaders from Destiny 1 and 2, but it’s Arach we’re really interested in. Here he looks a lot more dishevelled and out of place, not that his pale skin, bright blue eyes and striking choice of outfit ever fitted in.


Dead Orbit gear has always been the most stylish, at least I think so. The question mark within circles just says something about Guardians, that they don’t know what they are fully but they fight regardless. When you look at the gear it’s all about being well armoured and looking like you have a skull on your face. Honestly some of the best helmets in the game can be found when you pledge yourself to Dead Orbit and get out there and fight some evil aliens.


This lovely bit of Dead Orbit concept art is for the Scout Rifle Guardians can purchase if Dead Orbit win the Faction Rallies event. What I’m most impressed by with this weapon is how much it looks like something a black ops soldier would use. The Mida Multi Tool had a decal that players could equip in Destiny 1 that would change it to look like something similar, but this is Destiny 2 and this is Dead Orbit, so it’s way better!

If you have any problem choosing a faction for this week’s event then rest your faith in Dead Orbit. The stylish gear, the badass weaponry, and the faction leader who looks like he escaped from Destiny’s version of Azkaban all culminate to make what I consider to be the coolest faction in Bungie’s universe.

Goodbye Destiny Loot Grind

Luke Smith has been talking about the loot grind in Destiny, specifically how it’s going to disappear in Destiny 2 in favour of a much fairer system for both players and developers.

Currently in Destiny we have a situation called the Loot Grind. What this boils down to is hammering away at every single activity until Guardians get Engrams to take back to the Cryptarch and decode. At the moment these Engrams could be anything depending on whether they’re rare or legendary. Most players prefer a legendary Engram for the loot it provides. This legendary loot could then be something that the Guardian already owns, but the grind teaches us that it might have slightly better stats, and that’s what we’re all after.

Of course we also now have infusion, the process through which a player can upgrade gear and weapons with other gear and weapons of a higher Light level by combining them. This means that once players find some gear they really like, they can continually upgrade that gear as they earn other items of higher Light levels. While this is a system that solves the problem of wanting to have those perfect stats on your best gear, it’s problematic for Bungie.

For example, if a particular weapon with a certain set of stats, which can be re-rolled, has a superior edge in the Crucible, Bungie need to correct the advantage in order to keep the game fair for everyone. However, correcting the imbalance requires Bungie to change the stats for all of a certain type of weapon, because no one weapon can be singled out.

In Destiny 2 this is all changing. Each piece of gear, armour, and weapon is handcrafted to have specific stats and work in a certain way. This means that you’re never looking for a better version of Clever Dragon, you’re just looking to up the Light level. For Bungie, this means that if a weapon is overpowered or imbalanced, they can just tweak it in an update, or tweak a few other weapons to match it.

This might not sound like a huge change to the game, but for Bungie it is. Now the updates they push out don’t need to nerf all of a type of weapon, they just need to nerf that one pesky weapon that’s getting in the way. This frees Bungie developers up to focus on important things, such as loot caves, the placement of collectables, and making Raids as awesome as possible.

Image Source: VG247

Playstation Exclusive Exotic Borealis

Among the exclusive content coming to Playstation 4 Guardians in Destiny 2 is an exclusive Strike, armour set for each class, PVP map, and of course this little weapon called Borealis.

Borealis is an exotic Sniper Rifle that’s only on Playstation 4 for a limited time, so grinding for it is recommended so you can gloat for the maximum amount of time possible. But what’s so exotic about this Sniper Rifle? And what could it help you do if you were to head out and use it in activities?

The exotic perk of this weapon, though it isn’t officially defined yet, is that you can swap between Arc, Solar, and Void damage. Not only are you able to swap between the different types of elemental damage, you can do this on the fly. From the trailer it appears as though you can press a button and it will cycle the weapon to the next type of damage, though that isn’t confirmed and could be very clever editing instead.

However you’re able to swap between the damage types it’s just impressive that you can. In Destiny 1 the House of Wolves update added a Fusion Rifle that you could swap out to have the range of a Sniper Rifle, with slightly different charging times, called Queenbreaker’s Bow. This weapon completely changed how you thought about killing enemies, and made it so that you wouldn’t need to swap between a number o weapons.

Can you imagine how useful a Sniper Rifle that can deal all three types of damage will be? The modifiers that are applied to every heroic activity will no longer bother you, as you chop and change your elements to take down the Ultras and deal the most damage possible in any given event, whether that’s a Raid, a Strike, or even just a daily mission. To top it off, you can infuse it to keep up with the highest Light levels and avoid ever needing to leave it behind for something more powerful.

This is just the perk we know about, there could be more. I imagine that Firefly won’t be available on the weapon, purely because that would be incredibly devastating when combined with the element swapping. It feels like it would need a bonus to Agility however, because Sniper Rifles are hard to stop and aim with when you have all kinds of enemies hunting you down fro all directions.

Sunshot, Sweet Business, and Riskrunner – Some of the Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny has a whole pile of Exotic weapons for Guardians to gather, horde, and barely use in all of the activities the game has to offer. Destiny 2 will be no different, and now we have the opportunity to check out three of the Exotic weapons coming with Destiny 2. These weapons were class exclusive in the Destiny 2 reveal event but there’s no confirmation as to whether they are specifically class exclusive. The classes mentioned below are the ones that simply held the exotic weapon to give you an idea if they are class exclusive.

Sunshot – Hunter Exotic Hand Cannon

Obviously Hunters get the Hand Cannon, that’s just the class they belong with and you can’t really argue with that. This gun is Solar powered, which should also be obvious given the name. The weapons deals 200 damage, at the moment anyway because we don’t know about the infusion process if there even is one. The weapon also fires 150 rounds per minute, which sounds more like a machine gun but it definitely isn’t, and that fact alone makes it awesome.

The perks for this weapon are Sunburn, which produces explosive rounds that are said to highlight targets, and Sunshot, which makes enemies explode in Solar energy. I can’t really get my head around just how good this is going to be in PVP. Here you have a way to highlight your enemies, and there are explosive rounds going off as standard. Couple that with an explosion every time you kill an enemy, and you’ve got team kills stacking up in your mind already.

Sweet Business – Titan Exotic Auto Rifle

This exotic Auto Rifle sounds like it’s Void powered, but it could as easily just be Kinetic which is just fine. The weapon deals 200 damage and fires 360 rounds per minute, which is pretty phenomenal and worthy of an exotic weapon.

The perks for this weapon are Payday, which increases the hip fire accuracy as well as the total ammunition its magazine, and a Placeholder perk that currently isn’t named, but it boosts the rate of fire and range when you hold down the trigger. Additionally any ammunition that is picked up will be automatically loaded into the magazine.

Riskrunner – Warlock Exotic SMG

This SMG also does 200 damage, but it fires 360 rounds per minute, just under the Auto Rifle Sweet Business which is nothing to be shunned. This weapon seems like it does Arc damage, so it may be that it doesn’t just belong in the Kinetic Weapons slot. As the first exotic SMG we’re getting a look at, this is pretty awesome.

The perks for this gun are Arc Conductor, which increases the weapon’s damage when you take Arc damage, and another unnamed perk which works alongside Ar Conductor, giving bullets a chance to become chain lightning when the other perk is active.

These exotic weapons look pretty great and are a good start to what I’m sure is just an entire mountain of elusive loot to chase after.

How Good Is The SUROS Regime?

The SUROS Regime was recently on sale from Xur during his last brief visit to the Tower. While many of you may have purchased it to boost your collection in order to achieve that Age of Triumph record book stamp, you might not know what you now have sitting in your inventory.

The main perk of the SUROS Regime is SUROS Legacy. This perk grants additional damage to the bottom half of each magazine. If you get a kill with this second half of the magazine you also have a chance to regenerate health. What this results in is you blasting out half the magazine before you’ve seen anything, in PVP at least. In PVE this weapon may grant you some health in a clutch moment, but it’s PVP where it exceeds. That additional damage will mean you get the kill before your opponent, and you’ll probably get a decent health buff if they’ve been aiming at your head. Having the advantage in one on one fights in PVP is so important, and that’s why this gun is extremely viable for all Crucible matches.

Other set perks include Spinning Up, which causes the weapon to be fired faster the longer the trigger is held. Thunderlord also comes with this perk, and it’s really great to see in action, bolstering the weapon’s capabilities in PVP even further. This perk can be switched out for Focused Fire, which slows the rate of fire when zooming in on targets, conversely increasing damage dealt at the same time. This one can feel a bit counter-intuitive, but if you’re a Guardian who enjoys firing down a scope then this is the perk to go for.

A second set of perks include Hammer Forged, which improves accuracy and range, great for Focused Fire and anyone who likes to aim down sights to blast their enemies away. Or you can switch it out to Lightweight, which grants +2 agility to your character. Other weapons with this perk really help you out in Strikes and Raids, and it’s worth having that additional agility if you can get hold of it.

To conclude, SUROS Regime is almost certainly a PVP focused weapon, and it’s always been that way since Year 1. With that said, in PVE it can help you move around and dodge enemies faster than anyone else, get clutch health boosts against minions of the Darkness, and help you finish off tougher enemies with the last half of the magazine.

Image Source: VG247