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Destiny 2 Exotic Bow Leviathan’s Breath Quest Guide


It’s now possible to pick up the quest for Leviathan’s Breath in Destiny 2, and earn the Exotic Bow for yourself. However, there’s a big questline associated with this, so strap in for our guide. If you don’t have the Season Pass for Season of the Undying, I’m afraid you can’t access Leviathan’s Breath, so go and pick it up.

1 – Banshee-44’s Secret Workshop

The very first thing you need to do is speak to Banshee-44, the Gunsmith in the Tower. After that you’ll need to find his hidden workshop, but that’s all on you as far as Banshee-44 is concerned. To get there you need to go to the Hangar in the Tower, and climb up the scaffolding near the Future War Cult area. From here you need to drop onto the roof of the actual Future War Cult building. You should be able to see a small walkway around you somewhere, jump on it and walk along it.

You’ll run along here and reach the meeting room, look left and you’ll see an open door. Drop down into the room, and you’ll find yourself inside the Postmaster’s old room, on the wrong side of the glass. Turn around and head into the storage area, where you should be able to see a vent. Jump into that vent.

Along here you’ll find a small platforming puzzle, which is super annoying to complete in third person. Be careful and you’ll get this done easily. Once on top you’ll be in Bahsee-44’s workshop, and you can walk up to Leviathan’s Bow in a cabinet in order to complete the quest step.

2 – The Keys!

Banshee-44 didn’t unlock the case, so you need to go back to him. Turn around and head left, which will take you back outside into the tower. Go and speak to Banshee-44 to pick up the next step.

3 – Nightfalls or Gambit

For this step you just have to complete Strikes or Gambit matches. The quickest way to complete it is to play Nightfall Strikes or Gambit Prime, so jumping into a couple of matchmade Nightfalls is your best bet here.

4 – Fix the Generator

Weirdly fixing the generator requires you to kill Vex or Cabal with precision Bow shots. The Vex Offensive is obviously a brilliant place to do this, but you could also head to the Castellum in the Leviathan raid. Castellum might be the best option, because you’ll compete the quest step in about 10 minutes.

5 – The Arms Dealer, But Not as You Know it

for this quest step you need to complete a special version of The Arms Dealer Strike, because Banshee-44 wants you to recreate the conditions he first set the code under. The Strike has a Power Level requirement of 900, so it’s pretty tough. However, elemental weapon damage is increased, but enemies deal higher melee damage and have more health. If you take it slow, you should get through this pretty easily.

6 – Back to Banshee-44

Just do what we’re saying, head back to Banshee-44 and chat to him.

7 – Back to the Workshop

Now you know the code, head back to the hidden workshop the way you got there originally. Check the top of this guide for details on how to get in there. Once you’re in you can pick up Leviathan’s Breath, a Heavy Exotic Bow.

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