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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Garden Of Salvation Hidden Chest Guide

There are no less than two hidden chests to find in the raid for Season of the Undying, Garden of Salvation. We’ve put together this little guide to help you get to them.


There are no less than two hidden chests to find in the raid for Season of the Undying, Garden of Salvation. We’ve put together this little guide to help you get to them.

These hidden chests are located between the first and second sections, and third and fourth sections of the raid. Once you know where they are, they’re easy to grab every time you attempt the raid, but unfortunately they don’t drop any raid gear. What they do drop are pretty decent mods that will help you get through Garden of Salvation a lot more easily, so they’re worth grabbing.

The Undergrowth – Hidden Chest 1

The first hidden chest is located in Undergrowth, the area just after the first encounter, Chasing the Consecrated Mind. You’ll enter the area by dropping down just after the reward chest for the first encounter. This area is a huge load of tree roots, and it’s the first jumping puzzle of the raid.

As you enter the area there will be two paths ahead of you, one hugging right, and one hugging left. You want to head left here, along the tree root that leads towards some stone platforms. As you move forward you’ll see a big bronze Vex machine that looks like something you’d see on Nessus, and beyond that there should be an elevator moving up and down. That’s where you’re aiming to get to.

The elevator hangs at the top, drops, and then immediately moves upwards again. Aim to land when it’s at its lowest, that’s your best shot. As the elevator lowers you should be able to see a hold in the wall to the right. You need to careful jump down into that, and the chest can be found in there.

Climb to Sanctified Mind – Hidden Chest 2

Before you even get close to this chest you’ll have to complete two more encounters in the raid. This one is found after you’ve killed Consecrated Mind. If you make it all the way to the final boss with the Sanctified Mind, you’ve gone too far past it. However, this chest is pretty obvious, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Move through the second jumping puzzle until you find a field with trees, flowers, Vex statues, and some Vex Milk waterfalls. Moving forward you’re going right, up the big tree and past some enemies. Keep moving up the hill and yo’ll see two openings, take the left one and follow it inside the tree you’ve just climbed.

Once inside the tree, turn around and look up, there should be a platform above the entrance you just walked through. That platform is where the chest is, you should be able to see the glow, but to get to it you need to head back outside and look at the tree. You should be able to make out a series of jumps that take you further up the tree. However, there is a way to cheese this. Back inside that entrance is a tree stump that you can stand on, and you should be able to jump up to the platform using that.

Those are the two hidden chests in Garden of Salvation. Let us know if you get anything good out of them in the comments.

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