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Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide – Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Our Deep Stone Crypt Guide, covering every section of the raid.

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide - Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Deep Stone Crypt is the raid that launched soon after Beyond Light. At the time of writing, it’s probably the toughest PvE activity in the game. That’s why we’ve worked long and hard to bring you a guide for each encounter in this raid. Check out the links below for our guides to each of the core encounters. You can even skip to the section you’re stuck on if you’d like.

Each of these sections covers a major encounter in the raid. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for Guardians who haven’t completed the main campaign in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. If your Power Level is too low, you will bring your Fireteam down with you.

Just so you’re aware, the minimum recommended Power Level for Deep Stone Crypt is 1230. That’s a high Power Level to hit, even if you’ve been grinding the story and activities since launch. To make matters more difficult, the recommended Power Level for the final encounter is 1250.

There’s a lot to say about the jump in Power Level there. However, you need to remember that you’ll be picking up gear as you push through the raid, and open up Deep Stone Crypt chests. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t go into the raid on your first attempt expecting to finish it. The chances are that you and a bunch of Guardians will make headway, but you’ll need to stop after you hit your first wall. You will get better, you’ll learn the raid, and you’ll earn better gear with each attempt.

This raid is different because it introduces three core roles from the word go. You’re going to be working hard as a team to push through everything in front of you, and you need to do it well or you’ll never get through the extremely tough challenge ahead.

Remember, the Race for World First is over. Your job is just to get through the raid and enjoy it. Don’t get frustrated just because you’re not a pro at the activity yet. Half the fun of Destiny 2 is learning the mechanics and getting to the point that you are a pro.

Let us know how you get on in the raid in the comments.

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