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Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide – Atraks-1

The second part of our Deep Stone Crypt Raid guide!

Destiny 2- Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide - Atraks-1

The second encounter is easily the hardest to complete in this raid. There’s a lot going on here, so let’s get right into it.

First of all, we need to split our guardians into 2 teams, of 3 players each. One team will be going up in the launch pods and the others will stay on the ground.

Just like last encounter, there will be a single designated Operator, and one designated Scanner for each team. The Operator will always be going up in the launch pod, even though the Operator Vandal will spawn on the ground. The Scanner Vandal will spawn on the orbital platform


The job of the Scanners is fairly simple. There are replications of Atraks-1 all over both maps, and when you see the phrase “Extinction Protocol Activated” in the bottom left of your screen, the Scanner needs to be searching for the version of Atraks-1 that is glowing bright yellow. The team then rushes over and does as much damage as they can, and the replication will disappear. If not enough damage is done, or the incorrect replication is damaged, the encounter will wipe. The tricky part is this needs to be done both on the ground and on the orbital platform, so the Scanner augment needs to be passed back and forth between the orbital team and the ground team.


The Operator job is somewhat more tricky. They can operate the panels next to the launch pods in the back of each map to send them up or down. To make this easy, as soon as the Operator gets their augment upstairs, they should send all launch pods downstairs. They will also need to refresh the timer on a debuff called Atraks-1 Replication. These are spawned when a replication is destroyed. If the timer runs out on any one debuff, it will kill the player holding it and spawn a new version of the boss, which will then wipe the encounter.

Airlocks and Debuffs

The Operator’s job is not just to refresh these debuffs; they can destroy them permanently through the orbital platform’s airlocks.These are very simple to operate. The Operator opens the door, the players with debuffs go inside, The Operator shoots a different panel the fire the debuffs out.

Here comes another tricky part, again for the ground team. There is only one Operator, and they must stay on the orbital platform, as the debuffs can only get destroyed there. Here’s how to fix that:

Once the ground team has done damage to the boss, and picked up their debuff, that  player will go to the orbital platform, and then work with the orbital team, all while getting their debuff refreshed periodically. Once a second player from the ground team has come upstairs, there will be plenty of time for all 4 players (2 from orbital team, and 2 from ground team) to get in an airlock to fire their debuffs away.

Once this is done, the players originally from the ground team will go back downstairs, and the replications will reset. In not so many words, the rotation is:

  • Orbital team goes up, ground team kills Servitors, the Operator Vandal, and sends Operator up via the terminals. The Orbital team will kill Servitors and kill the Hacker Vandal to get Scanner.
  • The orbital team will do damage to the correct replication, then send Scanner down via the terminal
  • The ground team will do damage to the correct replication, then send Scanner up. The debuffed player will also come upstairs.
  • Do damage to the boss once more on the orbital platform, and once more on the ground floor. Have all debuffed players get into an airlock to destroy the debuffs

Once enough damage is done, Atraks-1 will enter their final stand mechanic. Every player needs to go up to the orbital platform now, and all replications will be there. Now it’s just like every other damage phase. The Scanner will call out which boss to damage, and you damage it until it disappears. This continues until enough damage is done to kill the boss.

That was a LOT of mechanics. Luckily, that’s as complicated as it gets. On to the next encounter, Descent.

Image Source: PCInvasion

I am an avid Destiny 2 player and raider. I fell in love with the game during Forsaken and have been playing ever since. I love raiding with my friends and clanmates, and love creating content from that perspective.

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