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Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide – Rapture

The third part of our Deep Stone Crypt raid guide.

Destiny 2- Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide - Rapture

The third encounter, Descent, will add a third buff to our repertoire, called Suppressor. This fight doesn’t actually include a DPS phase, it’s just doing a series of mechanics over and over. For this part of the raid, we will be splitting into 3 teams of 2 Guardians. There will be a Scanner team, an Operator team, and a Suppressor team.


When you have the Scanner buff, you will be calling out to the team which two of the four available terminals the team needs to dunk the nuclear cores into. As a secondary responsibility, the Scanner should run nuclear cores if needed.


The Operator’s job is to shoot two panels per nuclear phase to actually spawn the nuclear cores. It’s a simple job, but requires a lot of moving around the map.


This is the most important job of the group. There are 3 security drones floating around the map, and the Suppressor’s job is to go to each one, and do damage to Taniks, causing a stun. This will allow nuclear cores to be deposited.

There is a sneaky mechanic that adds some difficulty, however. Whenever your team dunks a group of 2 cores, one of the buffs will randomly be deactivated. This is why we have a team of 2 for each buff. When one buff is deactivated, the current holder needs to place it in a terminal, and their teammate will then pick it up.


When carrying a nuclear core, you will not be able to sprint, melee, or use any abilities. You will also begin stacking a debuff called Radiation, and when stacked to x10, you will die. Your teammates can alleviate this by walking up to you and taking the nuclear core from you, like a very dangerous, very explosive relay race.

Once these mechanics are cycled several times, a hole in the floor will open up. Everyone needs to jump inside as fast as possible and run like hell. Get to the final airlock chamber to clear the encounter!

With that, we’re on to the final boss, Taniks the Abomination.

Image Source: PCInvasion

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