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Why The New Pursuits Tab Is Life Changing


When Season of Opulence hits on Tuesday we’re going to be getting one heck of a lot of changes. In amongst those is a brand new way of tracking our Pursuits, a whole new tab in fact! This new feature to Destiny 2’s UI is going to be absolutely life changing for a few reasons, but more than anything it’s Bungie taking yet another step towards fixing the game’s, arguably annoying and confusing, UI.

Take a look at the new Pursuits tab in the image below.


As you can see from the very top of this image, the Pursuits tab is no longer in the start menu, or the character menu if that’s what you call it. Now when you load up the Director you’ll be able to cycle to the Pursuits tab when looking at what Destination you want to head to. The quests that you’re tracking are all lined up along the left-hand side of the screen also, which will definitely help when checking which Pursuits you can progress whilst keeping quests and regular activities in mind.

Bungie have even added some filters to switch between looking at either Quests or Bounties, helping you keep an eye on what you’re currently doing. The idea here is to separate short-term and long-terms goals, with Bounties being short-term, and most Exotic quests long-term.

The final piece of brilliance that Bungie have added in to this Pursuit menu is that the number of Pursuits you can track has been risen from 50 to 63. I don’t know about you, but every time a new season rolls along I fill my Pursuits inventory up really quickly, so having a few extra slots is definitely going to help come Tuesday.

Why is This new Pursuits tab Life Changing?

I’m not exaggerating when I say this new Pursuits tab is life changing, it’s really going to make playing Destiny 2 so much easier. The previous Pursuits tab was small, and didn’t give you any more information on what the Pursuit was unless you memorised which images were associated with certain quests. Even worse, Bounties were impossible to understand because you could see progress with a green bar, but you wouldn’t know whether the Bounty you were progressing was Crucible kills or Grenade kills.

Now we’ll be able to quickly load up the Pursuits tab and take a look at what pursuits are ongoing between each match, or every activity we take part in. All of that loading time between opening the character menu and loading the Pursuits, let alone reading the Pursuits, is also now all gone.

You Guardians might have much more interesting lives than me, and won’t think this simple UI change is very interesting. But there will definitely be some of you out there who are on my side. Let me know what you think of the Pursuits tab in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie


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