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The Ultimate Guide To Warmind Exotic Weapons So Far

With Warmind launching next week we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the Exotic Weapons coming out with the DLC. These will be added from the 8th of May, but that’s not to say there aren’t other Exotics which have been hidden away by Bungie.

SUROS Regimesuros-regime

This is a returning Exotic Auto Rifle from Destiny 1, and it’s one which has caused a lot of people some great joy as well as great frustration. The Stats speak for themselves here, it’s got some great Handling and Stability but its Impact is really poor. The Perks we can’t really talk about because we haven’t got this weapon yet, but we can talk about what it used to have.

The old SUROS Regime had an Exotic Perk called SUROS Legacy, which dealt additional damage with the second half of the weapon’s magazine, with kills from this half having a chance to regenerate health. What this did was encourage players to go against their instinct to reload, waste that first half of their magazine and then hunt down enemies in the hopes the bonus damage will end them quickly.

In Destiny 2 it’s likely that SUROS Regime will resemble what it was in Destiny 1, but it’ll still need to be different enough to make it individual when it returns. Whatever the Exotic Perk it’s sure to encourage players to take risks in whatever situation they find themselves.

The Huckleberry

This is a brand new Exotic weapon hitting Destiny 2 with Warmind, and it looks fierce. The Stats are pretty damn brilliant for Handling and Stability, and the Range isn’t half bad either. The Reload Speed and Impact are abysmal though.

It appears as though the Exotic Perk is Hive-themed, at least from the image. That would make sense given that the new antagonist race in Warmind is the Frost Hive.

What Bungie has said is that Exotics will now have more relevant Perks. That means that this will probably have a Perk that makes it more useful in killing a number of enemies at once, or something that will aid you against multiple enemies for the new horde mode. It would be interesting to see a Perk that is both useful against the new Hive race specifically, and useful applicable in the Crucible. But this is a balance we have yet to see if Bungie has made.

That’s it so far for weapons coming with Warmind. There are bound to be more, and there are bound to be secret ones as well, but we’ll cover those once we know more in a week or so.

Image Source: Polygon

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