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Save Your Destiny 2 Silver Currency On Battle.net


Bungie has revealed that there’s a time limit, one that’s slowly approaching, for PC Guardians to log in in order to claim their Silver in Destiny 2. Silver is the premium currency in Destiny 2, most of which must be purchased with real world money, and some of which Bungie has awarded to Guardians in the past.

Battle.net Purchases Disabled

As of now, in preparation for Destiny 2’s big move to Steam, all purchases on Battle.net have been disabled. This means that it’s no longer possible to purchase Destiny 2 in Battle.net, and it’s definitely not possible to purchase Silver while playing the game through Battle.net either. I want to make it really clear here that if you somehow find yourself playing Destiny 2 on Battle.net and have the opportunity to purchase Silver, don’t. Doing this whilst Bungie think it’s impossible can only lead to bad things.

Login to Battle.net Before the 1st of October

Bungie has pointed out that any Silver purchases made recently are at risk of not being transferred to Steam when Destiny 2 migrates. I don’t know the specifics of the issue, but I imagine it has something to do with the reason that you can’t purchase Silver on one platform and access it for use on another. Maybe Bungie this this system could be exploited and that’s why they aren’t making Silver transferable. Regardless, if you have some Silver on Destiny 2 on PC, then you must login to Battle.net and play the game before the 1st of October, or it will all be lost when Shadowkeep releases, and the transition from Battle.net to Steam is complete. There’s most likely a system that’s tallying up all guardians who have Silver and how much in the background, but if you don’t login then it won’t be captured. Do yourself a favour, even if you’re a lapsed Guardian, login on the off chance you’ve got some Silver lying around.

Purchase Silver Later

If you’ve got money literally burning a hole in your pocket then hold on. You’ll be able to purchase Silver in Destiny 2 on PC once the migration to Steam is complete on the 1st of October. Bungie has promised that’s when they’re re-enabling Silver purchases. Just stay strong you big spender you!

Cross-Save Issues

Finally, Bungie wants to make it clear that they are aware that there are Guardians out there who have enabled cross-save on their account, but have encountered issues regarding Silver. They’ve made a cross-save contact form for any Guardians currently experiencing these issues, and they’ll be looking to help every single Guardian out there in need of assistance. If you need some help figuring out cross-save, check out our ultimate guide.

That’s everything for this big warning about Silver. Make sure you follow the advice you’ve read here and get on with migrating your premium currency. Let us know what you think about the migration to Steam, and Silver, in the comments.


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