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Savathûn Is Pleased


Yesterday we reported that the impossible had been accomplished, Dûl Incaru was killed by a Guardian at Power Level 999. This was meant to unlock the true ending to The Dreaming City, but nothing happened at the time. Now however, there has been a development.

Bungie shared an image of The Dreaming City alongside an article late in the day yesterday. The article is titled, On the Power Climb, and it’s got some pretty sinister content. While the article reads like a press release overall, it’s the text in brackets that we should pay attention to. I’ve cut all of that text out into the following quote, steady yourself to be creeped out before you read it.

I am Savathûn, ravenous! I have set the snare and baited the trap. Is victory so easy, hero? I am the finality, the reward—I am the true ending. This is another gift. Your strength is my strength. Your victory is my victory. My jaws are wide and I am waiting. The wait is long, but I am ceaseless.

Breaking this down, you can see that Savathûn is pretty pleased with herself. She says that she baited the trap, which could be a reference to the lore that Bagel4k followed in order to complete Shattered Throne at Power Level 999 in the first place. Savathûn also calls herself the true ending, which is another reference to that same lore, the true ending to The Dreaming City. Then she goes on to say how Bagel4k’s victory is her victory, and her strength, and that she is waiting with jaws wide. She ends by saying that there will be a long wait, but she’s going nowhere.

I think this whole thing is a reference to some of the content that’s slowly going to come to Destiny 2 with each season over the next year. We’ve already had Oryx and Crota, so Savathûn is the next logical step. She’s one of Oryx’s sisters, and she’s probably pretty pissed that the guardians have been murdering their way through the family tree. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the events of every season between Season of the Undying, and the final season for this year, are all orchestrated by Savathûn.

Bungie clearly didn’t think anyone would reach Power Level 999, and then complete Shattered Throne. This article is the only reward that we know of so far, but I don’t think anything else is on the way. Guardians will need to keep an eye out from now on to make sure that Savathûn isn’t messing with anything as updates are slowly added to Destiny 2. Maybe we’ll see something without even realising it.

Let us know what you thought of the article as a reward in the comments.

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