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New Monarchy Win Faction Rallies January 23rd


Congratulations are in order for New Monarchy as they have won the most recent Faction Rallies event that ended today with the Destiny 2 weekly reset. What does this mean for Guardians then? Well all those who allied themselves with Future War Cult or Dead Orbit will have to pay one hell of a lot of Glimmer in order to buy the New Monarchy faction weapon, Loquitor IV, and the weapons that could have been on offer from those other factions have been pulled into the pool for Engrams in the next Faction Rallies event.

Now Guardians can buy Loquitor IV just how good is it? Well it fires 360 rounds per minute, has an Impact of 33, a Range of 78, Stability of 24, Reload Speed of 41, and Handling of 41 also. The hidden stats are a Zoom of 16, Inventory Size of 51, Aim Assistance of 55, and a Recoil Direction of 76.

The Perks begin with a High Impact Frame that make shots and zooming more stable. You can between; GA Post, which greatly increases Handling and slightly increases Range, SD Thermal, which just increases Range, or LC Ranged, which greatly increases Range while decreasing Handling Speed. Next choose between; Ricochet Rounds, which increases Stability and Range and makes bullets ricochet off of hard surfaces, Appended Mag, which increases Magazine Size, or Alloy Magazine, which means reloading is faster form an empty clip. The final Perk is High-Impact Reserves, which means rounds at the end of the magazine deal much more damage.

This is a decent weapon for any Guardian, it just sucks for anyone who wasn’t aligned with New Monarchy this time, but that’s all part of the game we play. Anyone hoping to get The Doubt from Future War Cult, or Hollow Earth from Dead Orbit will have to wait until the next faction rallies event to get them from the Faction Engrams. This week Guardians can also claim the Armour Ornaments from New Monarchy this week as well, but it’s going to cost a lot in order to get them. As with the weapons from the other Factions you’ll be able to get these in the next Faction Rallies event.

Image Source: DestinyDB

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