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New Details For Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris


A few more details about the upcoming expansion, The Curse of Osiris, have been leaked through various mediums over the last few days. You’ll know the basics from our previous articles so let’s go through all of the new information that we have and dissect this DLC a bit more.

Level Caps

The player level cap will be increasing from the current 20 Max to 25. The Power Level cap will also be boosted along side this from 300 to 330, with some new Legendary mods that will push weapons 5 points beyond that cap as they do at the moment. This allows for more player progression for anyone who’s grinding the endgame content, but it also makes the end of the game a lot further away for anyone who’s not at that point. MMOs like Destiny 2 thrive on having things to do, so extra levels to grind is only a good thing.

Brother Vance

We will see the return of Brother Vance in the Curse of Osiris. Previously this character was introduced as part of the House of Wolves Expansion for Destiny 1, organising the Trials of Osiris. Of course being a member of the Cult of Osiris Brother Vance will be super excited to see Osiris returning. However, Osiris is a potentially bad Guardian to be around so maybe we shouldn’t be so excited to see him coming back.

One thing that Brother Vance’s return could signify is the return of the Trials of Osiris. Whether or not this will replace the Trials of the Nine is completely up in the air.


Sagira is a new character being introduced to Destiny 2, and in fact she’s Osiris’ Ghost. The pair have become separated and she may encounter the player Guardian in her search to find Osiris again. If Osiris has been messing around in space and time then it would be easy to lose his Ghost, but is that a good thing? Sagira is voiced by Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Homeland.

The Infinite Forest

This is an area on Mercury, which is probably also the Patrol area on the planet, where Guardians will have to keep the peace under the gaze of former pupils of Osiris, Ikora and Vance of the Vanguard. The Infinite Forest is a simulated reality created by the Vex and controlled by them, so who knows what’s out there to take us on?

The Vex

The Curse of Osiris Expansion aims to provide more information on the Vex as a species, as well as what they’ve been up to throughout the Destiny timeline up until now. My money’s on building an army to go back in time and wipe out all life on Earth.

In addition Playstation 4 players of Destiny 2 will be getting access to an exclusive map, though this will probably be a timed exclusive. The map is futuristic spaceship overrun by the Hive, so gross. The map is set in Titan’s New Pacific Arcology.

That’s all the new information we have right now, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: Eurogamer

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