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Faction Rallies Season 2


This week sees the return of Faction Rallies to Destiny 2. If you’re new to the game Faction Rallies is an event in which you need to align yourself with a faction for the week, one of the big three from the Tower. These factions are New Monarchy, Future War Cult, and Dead Orbit. Once you’ve aligned yourself with them you then need to complete activities in order to earn reward tokens to spend on faction rewards. That is how you’ll net yourself all the faction gear and weapons you crave, but there’s a prize for the best faction. The faction that has the most tokens at the end of the week will have their weapon go on sale for just 1000 Glimmer, which is obviously a bargain.

Now this week is different to the last faction rallies event in that the gear up for grabs is new and the faction weapons up for grabs to the most popular faction are different also, let’s dive in and take a look.


This time around New Monarchy is offering this awesome sword as an incentive to fight for them this time around. I’ve got to say that this really does look brilliant and I want it so much, but I’m a Dead Orbit man through and through so I don’t think I’ll be contributing towards it.


Future War Cult are offering this Fusion Rifle as their reward. This looks much better than what they offered last time around, and the fact that it’s all in their colours makes me want to get it for my Future War Cult themed Warlock.


Finally we have Dead Orbit’s Grenade Launcher. This looks pretty awful right? There’s no character to it, and all there is to trace it back to the best faction in Destiny 2 is that tiny logo on the back. I’m not impressed by this and it makes me want to fight for a new faction. But how can we earn tokens for the faction we ally ourselves with?

Bungie posted last week the changes to how players can earn tokens for their factions, which has been updated from last time after some Guardians felt their efforts weren’t rewarded enough.

You can now earn 5 to 9 tokens per Strike completion, up from 3 to 7 last time, and Nightfall Strikes will reward 10 to 18. Heroic Public Events will now reward 5 tokens, down from 8 last time, and destroying enemy resources no longer rewards tokens at all. Finally, opening Lost Sector Chests will reward you with 3 faction tokens.

So from the looks of things the best way to go and get as many tokens as possible is to do your Nightfall Strike and keep on Striking. When you’re on Patrol you want to do the Heroic Public Events and take all the Lost Sector Chests you can. I think the real way you’ll farm these tokens though is through Strikes, especially if you’re a new player because you will grind through those Power Levels so fast with all the loot you’ll win. Let us know which faction you’re rooting for in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie

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