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Get Double Nightfall Rewards This Week Before They’re Gone

Same effort, double rewards, what’s not to like?


Last week Bungie told us that we’d be getting a full week of double rewards from the Nightfall this week. Well, it’s all true, and you should be taking advantage of it while you have the chance.

Two For One

For this week only, until September 22, all Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes will award double rewards to every Guardian that completes them. This includes all the usual stuff you get, such as Enhancement Materials, as well as Exotics from every tier through to Grandmaster.

This would be exciting enough on its own, but there’s more. Not only is it possible to get double rewards this week, you can get them from the easiest Strike possible. Well, okay it’s not easy, but it is the fastest that you can complete.

This is actually the first of Bungie’s events that are supposed to keep us interested in Destiny 2 while we wait for Beyond Light’s delayed release date of November 10. One Guardian came up with some much better options, though I doubt we’ll be seeing them anytime soon.

However, Bungie is telling us to get out there and farm loot like they’ve opened up the loot cave all over again. It’s a satisfying gameplay loop to work through for a week, so why not right? You might even pick up an Exotic or two. It’s also the perfect way to earn high-tier loot in preparation for Beyond Light releasing, which you’ll need to beef yourself up for anyway.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen double loot drops though. A few months ago some Guardians found a glitch that enabled them to double their loot drops from Nightfall Strikes. Once everyone had found out, they exploited the absolute crap out of it, just before Bungie fixed the issue.

It’s nice to see Bungie taking a bug and transforming it into a feature, even a time-limited one. Hopefully they take that philosophy forward with Beyond Light and give us some really goofy gameplay opportunities.

What do you think? Are you enjoying farming the crap out of this Strike? Or are you sick to the back teeth of it already? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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