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Fighting Lion Ornament Bug Causing Issues


The most recent Iron Ornament Bundle has a bugged item in it that’s been causing a couple of issues. The exact ornament is the Lupus Visage Ornament for the Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher. Apparently when this ornament is equipped and then unequipped later it can disappear from the list of potential ornaments to be used on the weapon from its menu.

The reason this became such a big issue is that the ornament was part of a paid-for bundle from Eververse, costing around $10. However, all credit to Bungie they have indeed taken to Twitter and announced that they’re aware of the issue and are looking into it. They removed the bundle from the Eververse store and told players that anyone with the bugged item will have it credited to their account in the future when a fix is released.

This isn’t the first issue with the Iron Banner bundles since Warmind launched. Recently Guardians also kicked off because it became apparent that an Emote was only available as part of the Iron Emote Bundle, effectively making it paid-for content. Guardians were outraged because Bungie had redeemed themselves so much in their eyes until they once again started down the road of paid-for content. If it’s not clear to you by now Guardians are not on board with paid-for only content, and the key to all of the bundles has been that the content has been available to earn through in-game activities as well.

Destiny 2 Forsaken comes out this September, and with it could come a serious boost to Destiny 2 players. No doubt there will be a Destiny 2 Forsaken Edition coming that packages all of the DLC together with the core game. If Bungie go down the wrong road now with a lot of paid-for content then they’ll lose the trust that they’ve built up over the last year or so as they’ve re-built Destiny 2 since launch.

No doubt Bungie will fix this ornament issue soon with a weekly update, but for the time being it seems as though we can’t use it. I can’t say that I mins so much since Fighting Lion is a very poor weapon that I’d never let myself be caught dead with in the Crucible. Let us know you thoughts on the whole situation in the comments.

Image Source: DestinyWiki

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