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Destiny 2 Gameplay Changing With Currency Alterations


Bungie has confirmed, to a degree, how Destiny 2 gameplay will change when it comes to currency in the Forsaken Expansion. At the moment the currencies are pretty easy to understand, you get Tokens for a planet by completing Patrols, Public Events, and opening Chests on it. You can also gather the planet-specific material, and then turn those, along with the Tokens, in to the Vendor and get a reward.

This will no longer be the case, or rather it’s changing quite a bit, when Destiny 2 Forsaken launches. In fact the change will be implemented on August 28th when the Forsaken pre-patch goes live.

So first things first, for the majority of cases Tokens will now be removed from the game, but planet-specific materials will still be used to turn in for Reputation. Any Tokens you currently hold can be turned in, apart from Meditation Tokens that you normally give to Ikora Rey.

In order to better facilitate this change all of the activities that awarded Tokens, opening Chests, Public Events, and Patrols, will now award the planet-specific material you want.

Planet-specific materials are what you’ll probably be using to earn more Reputation on each planet, but they’re becoming even more useful now. Weapons are also going to start requiring Planet-specific materials in order to be upgraded, infused with higher Power level weapons.

Thankfully Bungie is giving us Bounties on each Planet that are going to help us earn butt-loads of whatever we need for both Reputation gains and boosting up your weapons.

Tokens are still going to be used for Iron Banner, the Crucible, and Vanguard Reputation. All of your existing Tokens can be carried over to Year 2 and they’ll be fine to use as well.

What’s not going to be around, at least for Destiny 2 Season 4, is Trials of the Nine. This mode is getting reworked by Bungie for the whole Season and will return in Season 5, hopefully, in a bigger and better way.

The last thing we need to talk about is the Gunsmith, Banshee-44. He’s going to continue to accept Gunsmith Materials, but he’ll want 100 for a reward package. Get on dismantling those weapons now if you want to have any chance of getting quick gains in Year 2.

Let us know how you think these economy changes will affect Destiny 2 gameplay in the comments.

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