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Forsaken Dreaming City Trailer Reveals New Destiny 2 Gameplay


A trailer published today shows some brand new Destiny 2 gameplay of the Forsaken raid, The Dreaming City. This area is said to be Destiny’s biggest raid yet, and players are able to complete it both as a fireteam or solo.

The trailer reveals a new NPC who appears to be the main character that Guardians will interact with in The Dreaming City. Since the area is available for players to explore and complete at their leisure, this makes sense as it will create a similar feeling to the patrol areas currently in Destiny 2.

The Dreaming City is littered with puzzles for players to complete, and Bungie have said that more will be unlocked over the weeks and months following the expansion’s release. This should create more mystery for Guardians to explore and uncover, drip-fed to them instead of dumped all in one moment where it can be dissected. Personally I think this will enhance the expansion, but I can understand that some Guardians might want all the new lore right away.

It seems as if there are several versions of the Dreaming City, with one in particular being a nightmare version. Each of these will most-likely have new puzzles and different areas to explore than others.

In addition to many different areas is a lot of new loot and lore to collect. The Dreaming City will reward loot and lore for those who delve deep enough into it, and for those who are after a new challenge there is the Bind Well.

The Bind Well looks like a new PVE activity that’s similar to Prison of Elders and Escalation from Warmind. This event appears to throw waves of enemies at the Guardians currently in the Bind Well, and rewards raid exclusive gear and weapons for those who pass the toughest challenges. Whether it is possible to complete this as a solo player could be up for debate, as it technically isn’t the entire raid experience, but I think it would be nice if it was possible for a player to solo every even in Forsaken.

In addition to new items for us to collect the Destiny 2 gameplay shows off new enemies. These appear to be corrupted Awoken, one of the races of Guardians. What happened to these Awoken is a mystery right now, but it’s going to be a lot of fun working through the raid to uncover exactly what’s been going on in the outer reaches of the system. Check out the full new video below.

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Image Source: Variety

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