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Destiny 2 Cross-Save Is For One Account Only


If you thought you’d be able to use all of your Destiny 2 accounts from across various platforms once cross-save comes to the game, you’re very wrong. Recent confirmation from various sources have revealed that once cross-save is enabled, Guardians will need to pick one Destiny 2 account to be used across all platforms, and stick with it.

Cross-save was recently announced for Destiny 2 as an upcoming feature, alongside a whole bung of other news combined with the reveal of Shadowkeep. The idea, we thought, was that it would be possible to access the Guardians you’ve created from any platform, including the ones made on Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One. With Destiny 2 New Light we also thought it might be possible to create new characters as well, and combine them into our army of Guardians from across gaming’s best platforms.

However, today this bubble has been burst by a couple of sources. Firstly we have a direct comment from Cozmo, who went to Bungie and spoke with developers at length regarding these features. His comment confirms that once cross-save hits the game, we will have to choose one account that will be made accessible across all platforms. So for me this would be the account I’ve piled all of my time into, the Playstation 4 account. But I also have another account on Xbox One that I was planning on running when I wanted to create new characters again, which i’ll have to leave behind.

Lead Producer on Destiny 2, Jared Berbach, was the second source of confirmation. He said that you pick one of your accounts to use for cross-save, and play as those characters across all platforms. Loot and experience will be the same across all platforms from that point out.

Some Guardians on the Destiny Subreddit are still holding out hope that this isn’t true, and that they can rescue their minor accounts and joke characters for use in the future. I’ll reiterate what the original poster said to these people. If you want to believe your own hopes over the words of people who have spoken to developers, and the Lead Producer themselves, both of which are sources from within Bungie, then you’re setting yourself up for a massive fall.

Personally I always thought this was going to be the case, I just didn’t want to believe it. I love having a smaller account where I can joke around with character designs, because that’s not something you can do all that often in the game. I’ll be sad when I have to stick with the characters I’ve made forever, mostly because I designed them after the core three factions and have to specialise each one to that faction. But I’ll also mourn the fact that I’m never going to look at the character creator screen again.

Let us know how you feel about this tragic news regarding cross-save in the comments.

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