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Crucible Changes In Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4


Bungie recently detailed a lot more about what’s coming in Update 1.1.4, releasing on March 27th. We’re going through that update in sections to make sure you know what’s coming for your favourite part of Destiny 2. In this article we’re checking out what changes are heading to the Crucible.

The Crucible team received feedback that seemed to focus on the speed of Crucible gameplay. to address these issues they’ve implemented a number of changes which should speed up Crucible matches across the board.

Respawn and Revive timers have been decreased across the board. Player Respawn timers for Quickplay matches have been decreased to 2 seconds, in survival matches the Respawn is decreased to 7 seconds, the revive lockout in Countdown matches has been decreased to 7 seconds, and players will no longer lose revive tokens upon death.  Lowering the time required to wait before Respawn and taking away the tokens is a genius decision that will make Crucible matches so much more fun for me, particularly in Countdown.

Power Ammo respawn timers have also been reduced. In Iron Banner the timer has been decreased by 50%, in Quickplay modes it’s down by 30%, in Survival it’s down by 40%, and in Countdown mode it’s been reduced by 25%. Power Ammo is absolutely essential in some Crucible modes, increasing the amount of it in a match will make them more frantic but should also provide more opportunities for teams to even the odds.

Power Ammo will now also drop on death. While the ammo won’t stay on the map forever it will remain there while the enemy’s Ghost is, so regardless of team and faction you’ve got a chance to pick up some Power Ammo after someone misses you with a rocket.

Ammo counts for all types across all matches have been adjusted in accordance with these new timers and the weapon type. While ammo counts for Swords and Rockets were brought down, everything else either stayed the same or got a buff, so Bungie say anyway.

Finally, the tracker in Trials and Competitive Crucible modes is being removed. This is to incentivise more team play, with Guardians chatting to each other instead of relying on the count at the top of the screen. This is likely to change in the future, because the Crucible team basically did this in the hopes it makes Competitive and Trials more fun.

While there are other changes in Update 1.1.4 that affect the Crucible they also alter certain other aspects of Destiny 2 which we’ll cover in other articles. Let us know what you think of these Crucible changes in the comments.

Image Source: PlaystationLifestyle

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