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Bungie Reveal 3 New Pinnacle Weapons For Season Of The Forge

In their most recent weekly update Bungie have released that they’ve got three new Pinnacle weapons coming to Destiny 2 alongside the new season, the Season of the Forge.

They say that the new season is going to kick off next week, which is a week before the Black Armoury DLC is set to launch on the 4th of December. The three new weapons are for three activities in Destiny 2; The Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes.

The Vanguard Pinnacle weapon is: Loaded Question, a high-impact Arc Fusion Rifle. Loaded Questions’ unique perk is Reserviour Burst, which deals additional damage and causes enemies to explode on death with your next burst if your battery is full.

In order to earn this weapon you need to pick up its quest from Zavala, and then complete the objectives that are given to you, which you can earn progress towards at the same time; Get 500 Fusion Rifle kills in any Strike/Nightfall, get 1000 Arc kills in any Strike/Nightfall, and complete 40 Strikes or Nightfall Strikes. After this you head back to Zavala and get the Masterwork weapon from him

The second Pinnacle weapon is: Breakneck, a Kinetic Precision Auto Rifle. The unique perk on this weapon is Onslaught, which increases your rate of fire as you stack up Rampage.

The way to earn Breakneck is to pick up the quest for it from the Drifter, and then complete the following objectives, which again you can earn progress towards all at once; get 500 Auto Rifle kills, get 100 Auto Rifle Multi Kills, defeat 150 challenging enemies, and complete 40 Gambit matches. After that the Drifter will give you a sweet new Masterwork weapon.

The final new Pinnacle weapon is The Mountaintop, a Kinetic Lightweight Grenade Launcher. The unique perk on The Mountaintop is Micro-Missile, which makes it have massively increased Projectile Speed, and fire in a straight line. The projectiles also explode on impact instead of bouncing, making them pretty bloody lethal if you’re a good aim.

In order to get The Mountaintop you need to first reach the rank of Brave in the Crucible for the Season of the Forge. For the next steps you can earn bonus progress in the Competitive playlist.

First you need to earn Grenade Launcher final blows in the Crucible, this is a total of 750 points, which you can earn 3 from for kills in the non-competitive playlist, or 10 from in the competitive playlist.

Next you need to rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents for a total of 200 points. You can earn 2 points from these in non-competitive playlists, and 5 in competitive playlists.

Finally you need to get Calculated Trajectory Medals, for a total of 100 points. You can earn 1 for each in the non-competitive playlists, and 4 in the competitive playlist.

The last step in the quest is to reach the rank of Fabled in Glory for the Crucible. After this Shaxx will reward you with The Mountaintop. I think this is possibly the hardest to earn of the new Pinnacle weapons, and anyone who has it by the end of the Season of the Forge is a Crucible god.

Let us know what you think of the new weapons in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie

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