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Waffle Wednesday – Our Favourite Toppings


Last week Bungie made a very important post on Twitter. It was all about food, friends, and sharing something special together…waffles. I don’t know if this is a weekly thing, it can’t be if anyone wants to live for longer than a year at Bungie, or a yearly event where the developers just decide to turn the studio into a waffle-making centre, but the photos are mouthwatering. Check them out below, but read on for more details.

Like I said, mouthwatering.

Waffle Toppings

For a bit of fun, I asked a few of the team at Destiny News Hub what their favourite waffle toppings were, and we’ve got a little list to get you in the mood for your own waffles, because today is the day to have them.

Avraham’s Topping #1 – Chocolate Chips

Avraham’s written some awesome pieces for the site, like our review for Festival of the Lost 2019, and the brilliant Q and A with Hive Acolyte Ishivu-Vaurux. His first topping choice was purely chocolate chips. I like this topping because it looks simple at first, but by the time you’ve brought that piping hot waffle to a table, and grabbed a hot coffee to go with it, the chocolate chips will have melted to form little pools of chocolate sauce in each waffle segment. A great choice, much better than his second one.

Avraham’s Topping #1 – Chicken

Avraham’s second choice might just have been a typo in our group chat, but it counts! I wasn’t brave enough to ask if the choice of chicken as a topping was raw or cooked chicken, or whether it was seasoned at all. I think I could see this working if the chicken was shredded and scattered over the waffle, but I still wouldn’t opt for it.

Ashtin’s Topping – Whip Cream With Powdered Sugar and Syrup

Ashtin’s topping is another great one. Whipped cream all over a waffle is heaven on its own, but putting powdered sugar and syrup on top of it just blends the whole thing into a fluffy sugary mess that impossible to not enjoy. There isn’t much more to say about it, it’s basically perfect.

Jamie’s Topping – Nutella and Banana

My topping is something I opt for in all forms of waffle batter. I’m not sure if our American readers will know what Nutella is, but it’s basically a chocolate hazelnut spread. You put that all over the waffle, spreading it quite thickly, and then you chop up a couple of bananas and throw the pieces all over the chocolate-covered waffle. This is not a topping to mess with, it’s dark and heavy, but oh so satisfying. If you’ve not tried it, give it a go.

Those are our toppings for Waffle Wednesday, be sure to let us know yours in the comments.

Image Source: Slate


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