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Ultimate 2 Man Marathon Challenge


Over on the Destiny Subreddit a pair of particularly skilled Guardians created a little challenge for themselves, the ‘Ultimate 2 Man Marathon‘. This challenge essentially tasks you with teaming up with another Guardian and taking on every boss it’s possible to kill by yourselves.

The challenge was created by the streamer Gladd and his mate Chevy. They wanted to kill every boss it’s possible to kill with just 2 Guardians together as a pair. But they also set themselves the requirement that this had to be done back-to-back with no wipes, meaning no deaths either. I would argue that you can change this requirement if you’re not that bothered about dying between bosses, but for the hardcore it’s a must have.

If at any point either Gladd or Chevy died then they needed to restart the entire challenge from the first boss. Yes, they’re that hardcore about this.

Initially Gladd and Chevy already played a lot of Destiny 2 together, so they knew they’d be able to do this if they worked hard on it. They spent three days smoothing out the run, coming up with the best strategies for Morgeth, Riven, Insurrection Prime, and Dogs. They classed Kalli, Calus, and Argos as too easy to need to practice, which I think is fair.

The second and third day were spent running very real attempts at this challenge, with the completion coming on the third day. Prior to this they managed to make it to the third boss a few times, and the fourth boss once, but died and had to reset.

Gladd’s PC froze on the final boss! Meaning he had to ALT+F4 out of the game and restart while Chevvy did a solo DPS phase on Argos. Luckily Chevvy has solo’d Argos a number of times and was ready for what was needed.

We’ll include the stream VODS of both Guardians below so you can see for yourself just how intense this got.

Gladd’s Point of View
Chevvy’s Point of View

Gladd also included an explanation of the strategies employed for each boss for anyone who fancies giving tis challenge a go.


The biggest part of this strategy is choosing which player Morgeth ‘grabs’. First they had Chevvy ‘grabbed’ by delaying Gladd’s second strength pickup. It’s thought that the second ‘grab’ is RNG but the plan for if Gladd was grabbed was for him to die. Gladd would then use his shield block to grab all 4 strength pickups because you can pick up over 2 whilst shield blocking.


The strategy here was little more than using cluster rockets and Merciless. Gladd needed to execute a solo cleanse that saw him jumping on and off the window plate, and locating his symbol in the .25 seconds available as they rotate.

Insurrection Prime

The strategy is largely the norm here. The only thing to change was forcing a three kill phase as opposed to a four kill phase. This was achieved by moving closer and getting empowering melee attacks. Since Whisper of the Worm was nerfed the pair ran with double Sniper Rifles for the stuns here. With every stun another 15 seconds is added to the fight, but each stun is only available every 25-30 seconds so it’s important to choose them wisely.


The pair did push this encounter to include all phases if needed, but they say you should only need one phase. Gladd stands in a spot where he can hit all but 2 spores, see his video above for reference. The strategy was to get x8 in the first phase and then wound from there out, prime the dog in the next two rounds, and finish in the fourth round.


The pair say this is an easy one, which is why it’s towards the end. What one guardian sees in the Void determines what symbol the other punches in the throne. Sun = punch the Dog, Axes = punch the Cup, Cup (with a Ding sound) = punch Axes, and Cup (with no sound) = punch the Sun.


Gladd and Chevvy say it’s nigh on impossible to fail this with 2 Guardians. They were sure to kill the three Knights they needed then DPS with Whisper of the Worm.


Argos was the easiest of these bosses, so naturally it fell last on the list to avoid needing to repeat too many times. Since Chevvy has the World First for soloing Argos with a Warlock, and a Hunter with 4 shield breaks, it wasn’t going to be too hard. No tricks were employed, the pair planted, broke, and shot Argos with Whisper of the Worm in a well.

This challenge is a nice way to do something different in Destiny 2, and I’m eager to see others try it out and post their points of view to see. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: YouTube


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