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Season Of Dawn Is Starting To Piece The Destiny Timeline Together


One Guardian has put together a timeline for the entire Destiny universe, spanning from before the first game until Season of Dawn. The timeline was originally posted on Reddit by ScoobyDeezy, and since I can’t find them I’ll just have to link to where it was picked up by Eurogamer, because the person who put this together really does deserve a lot of credit.

It would be mental to attempt to take you through this timeline in detail, so I’m not going to. What I will point out is that the Destiny timeline we’ve all thought we knew and understood is broken and wrong. Thanks to a piece of lore in Season of Dawn, 17: Transient, we now know that Osiris was banished from the Tower in the year 249. This is significant because it puts a year onto something in Destiny lore, and that means that those Guardians who really enjoy the lore can work backwards and forwards to try to understand it all.

As Eurogamer points out, we have no idea what happened in year 0, or even roughly when that would have been. This is a bit worrying because it could mean that The Golden Age was pre-year 0, or year 0 was the beginning of life in the universe. Since we have no firm idea on this, and may never have a grasp on it, we’ll just have to try to forget it.

What I like most about this timeline’s existence is that it allows new Guardians, as well as those of us who have been playing for years, to take a look through the history without needing to trawl through lore books, weapon descriptions, and asking questions on forums. I’ve always had a rough idea of certain events, and the rough time that they happened in reference to things like the Red War, the Golden Age, and when my Guardian woke up. But now I can look through and see for certain, as certain as we can be, when all of the story events occurred.

With Destiny New Light offering the game for free, information like this timeline is essential to get Guardians caught up. It’s a shame that most Guardians who join from now on won’t be able to experience Destiny 1, but at least with this they can get an idea for the stuff we went through while Bungie figured out what this game was, and we had loads of fun with everything they gave us. Check out the timeline image below.

Let us know what you think of the timeline in the comments.

Image Source: Eurogamer, Inverse


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