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Niobe Labs Puzzle Taking Longer Than Every Raid To Solve


Yesterday Niobe Labs dropped in Destiny 2, the last of the Forges coming with Season of the Forge. However, this Forge was different. As we discussed yesterday this Forge requires the Guardian community to work together in order to unlock it. Once a group has solved these puzzles, the Forge will be unlocked for everyone.

We’re into day 2 of the quest to unlock Niobe Labs, and it seems to be splitting the community a little. The issue stems from the fact that Bungie posted the initial puzzle for Niobe Labs and then linked to the Twitch page for Destiny 2. This indicated to some that Bungie built the puzzle for streamers. While the developer has replied saying that anyone can attempt and solve the puzzles, it does seem like this is an event designed to draw attention to Destiny 2 from both players, and those who might stumble upon it through streaming services.

So far this puzzle has taken longer than all the raids have to complete for the first time, particularly Last Wish which took very little time at all.

While the puzzle isn’t solved, a lot of progress has been made. Here’s where we’re at so far.

Puzzle 1

Using the weapons Guardians have gotten from the previous three Forges they must identify the WindRock, and Fire symbols, shooting them with a BowSniper, and LMG respectively. A noise will play once this step is completed correctly.

Puzzle 2

This puzzle has a few different sections.

LMG Section

This section requires you to shoot the Storm symbol, then stand on the moon symbol and shoot the following; T + H R E B F L U +.

Sniper Section

This section requires you to stand on the Tiger symbol and shoot the FishLotus, then the Temple. Now move to the Dragon and shoot the ArchwayRabbitBamboo, and Temple. The last step is to stand on the Fish and shoot the Lotus.

Bow Section

This section requires you to stand on Daybreak and shoot Missive, TreesRose, and Water. Now stand on Wind and shoot Missive twice. Now with the Bow stand on Daybreak and shoot MissiveRose, and Water.

Once again you’ll hear a noise when this is completed correctly. Now there will be a crate on the lower platform that’s glowing blue, and has the message Start Mission when you get to it. This starts the mission, Niobe’s Torment.

Niobe’s Torment

This mission has a number of levels, so far not all have been solved. Each one has a boss and other enemies to make it harder, so get ready with a good Fireteam.

Level 1

A message on the monitor displays a French message that translates to ‘True knowledge is given to those who wait in shadow’, roughly.

To complete this level you need to stand on the Hand symbol, find the letter symbols and spell out the word Butterfly.

Level 2

Now the monitor displays a series of numbers. Equip the LMG you have and stand on the Hand and shoot at Fire then Cloud. Now get out your Sniper Rifle and stand on Fish, then shoot at Rabbit and then Lotus.

Level 3

Now the monitor will display cyphers. Just be away that this section requires 3 Guardians to shoot simultaneously. First Guardian stands on Dragon and shoots Bamboo. The second Guardian stands on Wind and shoots Water. The third Guardian stands on Star and shoots Fire.

Now a Servitor will appear. Kill it to take down the shields on the boss.

Level 4

This one is pretty easy. Spell out the word Fly while you’re airborne. Done.

Level 5

The monitor is going crazy for this level. Shoot the Butterfly with the Bow. Shoot the Fish with the Sniper Rifle. Shoot the Hand with the LMG.

Level 6

This level requires all three Guardians to stand on the Butterfly symbol and shoot the Tree symbol with the Bow.

Level 7

Now the monitor displays the opening quote for Niobe Labs, and that’s where the quest has stopped.

So far there’s nothing more that we know about this. The community is going to keep working until it’s solved. We’ll keep you updated each day as things progress. Let us know what you think of the Niobe Labs puzzle in the comments.

Image Source: ZetGaming

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