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How Should Bungie Change Gambit Ahead Of Joker’s Wild?


Going by the roadmap Bungie outlined for the Annual Pass content for Destiny 2 Forsaken, the next expansion, and therefore season, of the game begins at some point next month.

Joker’s Wild, and Season of the Drifter, are set to begin just after or in conjunction with Crimson Days, which is a Valentine’s Day event. That means that all the romantically involved Guardians get to play together for a time, whilst the rest of us simply have to ignore our partners. More crucially however, it gives us an insight into when the next load of new content is coming to Destiny 2.

Over on the community Subreddit a thread was recently started asking about what should be changed in Gambit leading up to the Season of the Drifter. If you’re not aware, the Drifter is the vendor who deals with all things Gambit, and he’s extremely mysterious. Season of the Drifter looks to explore this shady character a bit more, but that means it’ll most likely focus on the Gambit game mode added with Forsaken.

So how should Bungie change Gambit ahead of Joker’s Wild and the Season of the Drifter?

Teams vs Randoms

One of the most upvoted comments related to playing Gambit as a solo Guardian. This is particularly informative since many of us have been playing 40 Gambit matches in order to earn this season’s Pinnacle weapon, Breakneck.

Playing Gambit solo is difficult because your team is almost always made up of randoms, and the enemy team can quite often be a group of Guardians in a Fireteam. My most common find is a group from a clan who absolutely slaughter my team.

While I agree it can be difficult, I’ve found a decent level of challenge in these encounters. I’d say I’ve won about 50 percent of these matches, but they feel unfair regardless.

What you can’t defend against is the ability to coordinate the grouped team has. If you’re playing with other randoms there are abilities and Supers popping off all over the place. A Fireteam all coordinate theirs so that they take the Primeval down in one fell swoop, taking away any chance for the randoms to invade and heal that Primeval.

This is something that needs fixing, either by randoms only being against other random teams, and Fireteams being pitted against other Fireteams, or a separate playlist for the series Frireteams who want to be totally efficient.

Boost Mote Pickup Area and Time

Particularly in the third round, enemies in Gambit are tough. The best thing to do is kill a bunch from afar, then run in and pick up the Motes. The issue is that you have to be on top of the Mote, and sometimes hang around while pickup is registered. This has killed me, and caused me to waster time, regularly.

The other issue with Motes is that they hang around for a short time and then disappear if not picked up. That time needs to be extended. It’s far too easy to take down a pesky enemy before the others directly in front of you, only to realise the three Motes they dropped have gone.

Provide Better Rewards

Given the amount of time we invest in just a single match of Gambit, the Daily Challenge reward can seem a little underwhelming. I’ve seen a lot of these rewards, and even the Weekly Challenge reward, give out loot of a lower Power Level than is currently equipped.

The whole point of Challenges is to boost a Guardian’s Power Level on a weekly and daily basis. It’s not worth it if we get a reward that’s lower than our own level, not unless there’s something else we’re working for like a Bounty or Pinnacle weapon quest.

Balance the Blockers

I don’t know about you, but the Blockers you send in Gambit seem to work in reverse. A large Blocker is super easy to take down. A medium Blocker is annoying, but still not much more of a challenge than the other enemies on the field.

But the small Blocker? Wow that is a boss of an enemy. The Taken Phalanx just hides behind its shield and pushed us all off the edge, and there’s nothing we can do about it unless a teammate sneaks up behind it to murder it.

Balancing the Blockers, even just reversing them so that they’re in an accurate order for the number of Motes your banking, would be great. This might seem trivial but after nearly 40 matches I don’t see how the Blockers make sense in the order they’re currently in.

These are some of the most popular changes that Guardians want for Gambit, but there are more still that were discussed. Whether these changes are patched in for Season of the Drifter remains to be seen, but I hope at least some balancing changes are made by the time Joker’s Wild releases. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: Inverse

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