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Why You Should Get The Breakneck In Season Of The Forge (Season 5)


Today’s reset marks the beginning of the Season of the Forge, or Season 5, in Destiny 2. In a week we will see the launch of the Black Armoury, but there are new activities to undertake well before then. Today in fact!

Breakneck is the new Gambit pinnacle weapon for the Season of the Forge and if you don’t know about it you’ve not been paying enough attention to the Bungie Twitter profile. Not only has there been an extensive blog post on the three new Pinnacle weapons coming with this season but they’ve also shown glimpses of those weapons in action.

But why should you bother with Breakneck this season, and why should you want it?

Firstly this is a precision Auto Rifle. It’s got a high rate of fire, as all Auto Rifles do, which means you can do a lot of damage in a small amount of time. On top of this it’s far easier to get precision shots in with this type of weapon, meaning you can cause even more damage than you would usually with an Auto Rifle.

Secondly we have to look to the perks. The Breakneck comes with Onslaught, which makes the weapon fire faster the more stacks of rampage there are active on it. Rampage is a perk that lasts for 3.5 seconds, and increases damage by a rate of 21% for one stack, 43% for two stacks, and 65% for three stacks.

What this does, if you can’t see it yet, is not only increase your damage with kills, but also your rate of fire. This will have you dropping enemies left, right, and centre like there’s no tomorrow. Honestly this is a combination that I think Bungie would nerf if it happened on any other weapon with random rolls. You can keep Rampage active by getting more kills, and those kills will keep Onslaught active too, which means you could end up going through an activity without this increase rate of fire and damage ever dropping.

My final reason as to why you should get The Breakneck this season is because it’s a relatively easy quest reward. In order to get it all you need to do is; get 500 Auto Rifle kills, get 100 Auto Rifle Multikills, defeat 150 challenging enemies (which I think might mean yellow health bars), and complete 40 Gambit matches.

I say this is relatively easy because compared to the other two Pinnacle weapons available in the Season of the Forge it’s a walk in the park. Compared to the things you need to do in order to get The Mountaintop this is nothing, and you’ll see that when you have a look at the requirements in our previous article.

Let us know if you’re going to try and get The Breakneck this season in the comments.

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