The Destiny 2 community have made some truly wonderful and awful things as a whole, but the comic Fly Fail Reset is definitely one of the better things to come out of it.

The Guardian who created this comic, Reddit user Arraenae, posted it calling it ‘How to Train Your Kinderguardian’, the loving term we all have for brand new Guardians in the world of Destiny 2. It was inspired by an occasion when a few friends convinced them to try out the Whisper of the Worm mission. They explain how the first attempt was appalling, as I think it was for all of us who have attempted to get the famed Taken-inspired Sniper Rifle.

The entire journey from start to finish inspired Arraenae enough to create this comic, and so now we have that whole story, with a few bits edited to better fit a comic format. What I love most about the whole thing is that while there are hand drawn sections, there are also big chunks of text to explain some of the complicated stuff to those who may not understand Destiny 2. However, even those sections have been printed out and included as a photo of the printout, instead of just included as an image, something that I feel really adds to the comic. This might be a complete accident, but I love it. Check out the entire comic below, we’ve included it in the post just in case it gets taken down on Imgur.

I really think this does the mission for Whisper of the Worm justice, and really it just adds to the legacy of the team behind it. The team who built the mission sent a special gift to the fireteam who first completed it, which is pretty great in itself, but now the community has given back to that team with their own gift in the form of this comic. All of this culminates into a lot of wholesome stuff surrounding a single mission, which I don’t believe I’ve seen happen too often in games, if ever.

I know there are a lot of Destiny 2 fan comics out there, but this one just really struck a cord with be because of how it looks and the mission and story it was inspired by. If you’ve got one that you love, or one you’ve made, then let us know.

Image Source: Reddit


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