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Destiny 2 Ghost 2.0 Interface Created By Guardian


One Guardian has gone out of their way to try to create something new and genuinely useful for Destiny 2, a brand new Ghost interface. Named Ghost 2.0 interface, the new system actually provides a lot of helpful features, combining many others into it to make seasons far easier to understand and manage in the future. Check out the image of the interface, mocked up by Reddit user TheSpaghetti, and read on for more information.

Ghost 2.0

The reason TheSpaghetti created this new interface was to solve some problems. It’s been designed around making Ghost shells easier to use, as well as Seasonal Mods, and the over-restriction of loadouts that Champion Mods are currently causing for a lot of Guardians out there.

Shells As Cosmetics

TheSpaghetti argues that any Ghost Shell without Guiding Light is an instant dismantle. Without the right perks, there’s simply no reason to hold onto a Ghost Shell, unless you’re a collector like me. With this new inventory, the Ghost Shell would be swapped as Projections are, with a simple swap in the relevant slot.

As far as the new interface goes, opening up the Ghost Shell in the menu would open up what you see above, with Shell Perks becoming Mods instead. The two left-hand side Mod slots are for Exotic Perks only, the right-hand side would be for Common Perks, and the final one on the right would be for Guiding Light. Instead of Guiding Light always being active though, it would actually be unlocked once the Ghost has been fully upgraded, or unlocked with certain conditions.

This is pretty great, because it turns Ghosts into a more relevant part of the Guardian, and makes perks on them useful as changeable Mods.

Seasonal Mods

Seasonal Mods are a bit of a mess. You need to grind out new Armour for each season just to equip them, and they invalidate any Exotic Armour you might want to wear as well. The Seasonal Mod system isn’t bad in itself, but because the Mods go away at the end of the season they feel a bit pointless. This feeling is accentuated when Guardians have to grind new Armour with the next season.

With Ghost 2.0 interface, Seasonal Mods are moved to the outer ring, and the Ghost has its own energy. The idea is that the Ghost’s energy would unlock and upgrade alongside the Seasonal Artifact, allowing Guardians to equip more as they progress. This grants a full set of Seasonal Mods as they’re unlocked, without the need to grind out the Armour for that season.

Champion Mods

Champion Mods are frustrating right now because they force Guardians to play in a certain way. while the intention is to highlight underused weapons, the system just gets in the way of the fun of Destiny 2.

With Ghost 2.0 interface, the bottom slot would apply various anti-Champion effects across all weapons of a specific ammo type. All of these Mods would already be unlocked, allowing Guardians to take advantage of them from the start of the season and get working from the word go.

More than anything else, this makes Exotics viable in the Seasonal Endgame, something that ins’t true with the current seasonal model. The system could then be combined with weapon-specific Mods to highlight weapons and allow Guardians to deal damage to multiple Champion types. This way, the Seasonal Weapon Mods aren’t forcing Guardians to play a certain way, but it is encouraged to play in a certain way instead.

Additional Features

Ghost 2.0 interface would also have slots for Shaders and kill tracking stats, but those aren’t currently pictured.

Our Take

I think that this is a great way to make the Seasonal Mods more viable, because I barely use them with the current system. I’m particularly interested in the way that Weapon Mods will work, because I love my Exotic weapons. Interestingly the Destiny 2 Community Manager, Cozmo, commented on the Reddit thread. He explained that Bungie is looking into making improvements to the Ghost, and this is a really useful insight into what Guardians want.

We’ll have to wait and see if Bungie uses some of the elements from this mockup in the future. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit, Reddit

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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