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We Need To Talk About No Time To Explain

Sit down, we need to talk about this awesome new weapon.

no time to explain destiny 2 beyond light

If you missed the recent trailer for Beyond Light that shows off some of the new Exotics coming with the expansion, don’t worry because we’ve included it below. However, we’re not going to cover each of them in broad strokes today. Instead, we’re looking at each on individually, starting with the absolute beast that is No Time To Explain. Check out the trailer below, and read on for more.

No Time To Explain is an Exotic Pulse Rifle that is said to be associated with the Exo Stranger. She may well have had it at one point, and given it to the Guardians, which is indicated by the way it looks. I don’t know what this says about the Exo Stranger and Stasis. I’d like to think that the Pyramid on Europa has been there for much longer than we know, and this is evidence of that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

The weapon has a perk that will return bullets to the magazine if you land precision shots on an emey affected by Stasis. If you combine your abilities and grenades with it, you could extend that magazine far beyond its usual capabilities.

The real boost for No Time To Explain comes from stacking this effect though. Doing so will pull in bullets from an alternate timeline version of it, and they’ll be fired at your enemies. This acts as a sort of turret that appears in front of you, allowing you to keep up damage even while reloading.

I think that the fact that this weapon is so intrinsically linked with Stasis should mean that it’s got a Stasis element attached to it. Whether or not Bungie has put that in remains to be seen though. I also love that it pulls bullets from an alternate timeline. It’s a type of Intrinsic perk that we don’t see enough of in weapons in Destiny 2.

Overall this is a very nice weapon. You can ghet it as a pre-order bonus for Beyond Light, and even pick up a catalyst that speeds up the fire rate of those alternate timeline bullets.

Let us know what you think about No Time To Explain in the comments.

Image Source: USGamer

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