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Random Exotic Rolls Could Change Destiny 2 For The Better

Think of the builds!

Random Exotic Rolls Could Change Destiny 2 For The Better

With Hawkmoon now readily available in Destiny 2 for the rest of Year 4, there’s something new on the horizon. The Exotic weapon’s quest is sticking around for the rest of the year, and you can run it as many times as you want. This will drop multiple Hawkmoons with several different rolls. That’s unlike the Exotics that have been in Destiny 2 since the game’s launch. This change is big, and it could be part of a better future for Destiny 2.

All The Builds!

When you think about Destiny 2, there are several levels of how someone can play the game. First, there’s the story, which is what most of us barrel through in a few days. Then there are the interesting quests and side missions. These are a completionist’s dream, but they’re not for everyone. Then there are those Guardians who just want to play raids and Crucible until they’re too tired to blink anymore.

Ultimately, there’s something for everyone. Part of that experience is building up a collection of weapons and gear that have perks that benefit the way you play. As you play the game more, you earn the items that you’ll go on to use for the rest of your time with it.

Exotics have been interesting because they’ve almost defined what types of builds you can make around their perks. They’ve been fixed, so there has only been so much you can do with your gear around them.

Now though, it looks like Bungie is introducing Exotics with random rolls. If this continues to be the case, we’ll slowly see more Exotics added to the game that have these rolls, opening up an entirely different way to play.

Suddenly, it’s possible to grind for a Hawkmoon that has perks that will work with the other weapons and gear you want to use, not the other way around.

This is going to make finding those Exotics so much more enjoyable, and it’s going to mix up activities like the Crucible and raids even more. I can foresee all sorts of builds coming out of this change, but only if Bungie sticks to their guns (pun intended) and allows for more random rolls on our Exotics.

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I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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