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Harbinger Quest Guide: Hawkmoon Random Rolls and Catalyst

This past Tuesday, the quest for the Hawkmoon catalyst, random rolls, and its related ship was released. Let’s get into how to do the quest so you can get that perfectly rolled Hawkmoon.

How to Complete the Harbinger Quest

As a warning: it doesn’t say it on the quest, but these enemies are 1270 Power and Match Game is on, so you may want to bring a friend to help with combat.

Step 1: Traverse The Dam

When you load into the EDZ, go to the blown out chimney in the building to the right of spawn. Inside, you can find the start to the quest.

Make your way through the building and once outside, kill the Hobgoblin and jump to its platform. From there, you’ll see a small tree jutting out of the mountain. Jump down to it next.

Once here, you’ll have to jump to the dam. Once on the dam, you’ll want to get up to the metal porthole on the side of it. You can see where you need to go below.

Step 2: Killing the Emissaries

Once inside, follow the path until you reach the long hallway of enemies. Each Emissary will have a differently-typed shield (Arc, Void, Solar) so you’ll need a matching gun to take it out. Once damaged to half health, an Emissary will go immune and teleport to one of the rooms on the side. In each room, you can find a hidden Paracausal feather.

Step 3: Survive

Once you reach the boss room from Lake of Shadows, the first real challenge begins. You’ll have to survive 3 waves of enemies, with Match Game, Unstoppable Champions, and Vandal snipers everywhere. Once that’s done, follow the hawk to the portal back to the first Hawkmoon mission.

Step 4: Drive Savathun Out

Make your way through the platforming and eventually, you’ll reach the boss chamber. This is infinitely more chaotic than the rest of the mission so you’ll want long range weapons, with solar and void damage. The acolytes spawn obnoxious amounts of Acolyte Eyes, so target them first.

Once you get through all 3 damage phases of the boss, you’ll have a chest waiting for you with 2 rolls of Hawkmoon and its catalyst.

Hawkmoon Catalyst

To finish the catalyst, you’ll have to get around 700 kills with the Hawkmoon. The easiest way to get this done is to grab a Shuro Chi checkpoint in Last Wish, and kill the Shadow Thrall. Once you finish it, your Hawkmoon will get an extra bullet, and increased handling, reload speed, and weapon range depending on how many stacks of Paracausal Charge you have. 

Best of luck guardians, let us know what rolls you’ve gotten so far down below!

I am an avid Destiny 2 player and raider. I fell in love with the game during Forsaken and have been playing ever since. I love raiding with my friends and clanmates, and love creating content from that perspective.

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